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Starting a restaurant? 5 ways to keep your new business secure

Starting a restaurant? 5 ways to keep your new business secure

Tuesday June 19, 2018,

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While it is always very difficult to launch a successful business, it’s several times more difficult to find success in the foodservice industry. Restaurants come and go seemingly overnight. The customer base can be fickle, and there are many dangers lurking just below the surface for restaurateurs. Robberies, theft, and crime are some of the biggest threats. With that in mind, below are five tips for securing your restaurant.

Install security cameras

Robbery isn’t the only kind of theft you have to worry about in the restaurant business. In fact, most theft you encounter won’t come from outsiders to your company. Theft by employees costs businesses $50 billion each year. If you want to stop this theft, you need security camera surveillance.

Install fencing

Of course, the outside threat of robbery is also a significant danger to all physical businesses including restaurants. To prevent robbery, you need to secure your perimeter. Installing fencing around your building and your grounds can certainly do that. Find a fence company that caters to business clients so you can find a fencing solution tailored to your own needs.

Secure your payment processing

In today’s extremely digital business environment, criminals are more tech savvy than ever. One way they commit crimes is by using different means, including hacking, to steal customers’ payment information. Those customers are then defrauded for thousands. To stave off this threat, you need to work with a secure payment processor that ensures that all information payment information digitally exchanged is properly encrypted.

Install alarms

Securing your business also requires installing different alarms that are automated to go off in different situations. You should have alarms that detect smoke from fire, dangerous gasses and breaking and entering into your building. Furthermore, these alarms should automatically alert the police, fire department and other professionals of the danger.

Conform to OSHA standards

You also need to secure your business in regards to safety issues. Make sure all elements of your business, buildings, and grounds conform to OSHA safety standards. A serious accident can certainly put your business in jeopardy especially if a customer is injured. Make safety a priority.

The food service industry is a particularly tough business. It requires taking on a lot of responsibility if you want to be successful. One of these responsibilities is making sure your business remains secure. If you ignore this responsibility, crime and lawsuits will probably mean the end for your company.