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    Online Indian passport application in Qatar

    By Jameslincoln
    September 12, 2017, Updated on : Thu Sep 05 2019 07:13:35 GMT+0000
    Starting from 15 September, 2017, all Indian passport applicants in Qatar will use the online passport application form to carry out the application process for a new passport, reissue of expired passports, new passport in lieu of damaged/lost passport, passport for children up to 15 years of age, and emergency certificate.
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    Considering the fact that a large portion of Qatar’s population consists of Indians who are either working, studying, or residing in Qatar for various reasons, it is essential to provide fast and efficient passport services to the mass population. The majority of the workforce includes skilled and unskilled Indian workers who are the backbone of the Qatar’s construction, industrial, commercial, and the domestic work industry. In order to ensure the legal suitability of Indians in Qatar, the Ministry of External Affairs regulated by the Government of India, administers and manages the issuance of passports for Indians in Qatar. Taking into account that the passport and visa are the two most important document that every Indian in Qatar is expected to possess, issues such as expired passport, new application, etc. are required to be reported to the Indian Mission and to the local police.

    Whether it is the application for a new passport, reissue of expired passports, or replacement for damaged or lost passport, applicants can use the online portal http://passport.gov.in/nri facilitated by the Government of India to carry out the application process. The applicant is required to choose the Online Registration Form option on the portal to access the passport application section -

    Steps to complete the passport application online

    The Online Registration section in the official passport website - http://passport.gov.in/nri/Online.do allows an applicant to complete the following details -

    ● Choosing the correct area of jurisdiction for concerned Indian Mission.

    ● One of the following types of services -

    ○ Fresh passport

    ○ Reissue of passport 

    ○ New Passport in lieu of lost/damaged passport

    ○ Passport for children up to 15 years of age

    ○ Emergency Certificate

    ● Choosing the correct the Indian mission for concerned Indian Mission.

    ● Details of legal and/or given name including the previous name, if any

    The following details are needed to be provided in the Applicant Information section -

    ● Gender

    ● Date of birth in DD/MM/YYYY

    ● Place of birth

    ● District/country

    ● Qualification

    ● Profession

    ● Visible mark

    ● Height in centimetre

    ● Color of eyes

    ● Color of hair

    The Address Details needs to be furnished with the following details -

    ● Permanent address - Address in India which will be printed on the passport.

    The portal also issues Temporary Application ID which can be utilised to save the progress of the application form and continue at a later time. Once the above details are furnished, the applicant will need to click the ‘Save and Continue’ option to proceed to the next page of the application. The next page is divided into three categories. The names of each category and the required details are mentioned below -

    ● Address Details - Under the "Other address", the applicant will need to enter his/her address in Qatar. Additionally, the form also requires the mention of the applicant’s phone number and email ID.

    ● Applicant’s Family Information - The applicant will be required to indicate his/her marital status, the name of the spouse, nationality of the spouse, and other details. The applicants are also required to mention the details of their parents.

    ● Passport details - In case of reissue or lost/damaged passport, the applicant’s previous passport details are required. Click on "Save and Continue" to proceed to the next step.

    The next page facilitates uploading of the applicant’s image as specified under the guidelines. Once the image is uploaded, click on "Save and Continue" button to proceed to the next page. The next page provides the application reference number which needs to be printed. The printed application form requires the furnishing of few other important details manually. Once the details are furnished and the reference number is generated, the applicant will need to pay the applicable passport fee and visit the embassy with the required documents to complete the application process.

    Additional details required for the passport application -

    ● Specimen signatures and/or thumb impressions

    ● The applicant’s photograph needs to be 2’’ x 2’’ in size which is taken with a white/off-white background with the applicant’s face occupying the 75% of the image.

    ● The passport application for a minor requires the signature of his/her parents/guardians and in case of a newborn, the birth registration form needs to be furnished.

    ● Emergency contact for events such death or an accident.

    ● Details of Qatar Driving License issued in Qatar

    ● Other details include-

    ○ Education qualification details

    ○ Residential details abroad

    ○ Emigration details

    ○ Profession details

    ○ Citizenship details

    ○ Name and address of two relatives

    ○ Details of court cases

    ○ Lost passport details

    ○ Particulars of children

    Since the rules are subject to change, applicants are advised to get in touch with the embassy for any assistance. Moreover, there are various useful links on the official website http://passport.gov.in/nri/ that can help an applicant and the existing passport holders to understand the legalities.

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