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Smart options for making safe money transfer abroad

Anyone who lives abroad and who wants to send money home should actually save some money first. It is therefore very important that you learn how to save money before looking for an ideal option to send it with.

Smart options for making safe money transfer abroad

Wednesday December 27, 2017,

3 min Read


There isn’t a single best way to transfer money overseas. This is because the type of method that you choose is often influenced by very many factors besides the changing rates. Some of the factors involved include transfer fees, payment method, customer service, and the speed of delivery.

Because of this one person could prioritize a method that has otherwise been scraped by the next guy. Nonetheless, we have many ideal international money transfer options that you could choose to use if you are transferring money overseas.

Online Money Transfer Companies

If you are looking for the best currency exchange in Brisbane, these companies will offer the fastest and indeed cheapest way to transfer money abroad. Typically, they will allow you the freedom to set up an online account that allows you to send your funds electronically. They are quick but could have some hitches too.

Electronic Money Transfer Systems

With an electronic code to aid the transaction, anyone can easily transfer money to an overseas bank account straight from a personal account. Even so, the reality behind bank to bank transfers is that they are very expensive and you could be charged for every activity that takes place during the transactions. Some of the fees that you might end up paying include.

Conversion fee

• Tracking fee

• Processing fee

• Additional charges on mid-market rates

Use of Money Transfer Companies

Several money transfer companies can send money abroad for you. These companies usually have third-party convenience store counters that your recipient will be able to collect the money from. They offer cash transfer which is usually quicker than all these international money transfer options that we have around today.

Use of International Money Orders

International money orders have been used to save people who want to send personal cheques overseas. An international money order allows you to give your money to a bank in your country of residence and in turn get an international guaranteed cheque in your country of origin for your money transfer and also a transaction.

What to Watch Out For

If you are using banks, chances are that you are being ripped off. Banks although safe, have so many charges that could easily leave you with a rather small amount as opposed to what you really intended to send.

Additionally, if you choose to work with international cash transfer companies such as the ones used for currency exchange, you should be ready to find a reputable company with a high level of experience.

Finally, it is important that you also work out the rates and compare the charges before you settle down for any type of money transfer systems. The more money you can save the better it will be for you and your needs.

Always choose an international money transfer option that works for you. This should be a system that you will easily understand and one that leaves you with the very best currency conversion rates ever.

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