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5 things every entrepreneur must learn from ICC Champion's Trophy 2017

Tuesday June 20, 2017,

2 min Read

1. Rank 1 or Rank 8 are just numbers not fixed position

As we know ICC Champion's Trophy plays among top 8 teams from the table of ICC's ODI Ranking. It doesn't mean that number 8 Team can't beat defending Champions to become the Champion. Similarly, even though your company is not top listed company Today, but if you have Vision and work hard to achieve it with proper planning and dedication, one day you can definitely beat your top listed competitor in the market if you believe in yourself. 

2. Never give up

Even though you failed in executing something for your business, keep trying to achieve it may be with some other plan but never give up so easily.

3. Never underestimate your competitor or opponent

You should always try to be focused on giving your best in every situation in every area of business considering each one of your competitors equally in the market. Never underestimate the power of Competitor.

4. Take calculative risks whenever required

Every business involves some risks but few of these risks may be fruitful for your business in near future so first try to understand such risks which can be less harmful but more fruitful if executed well.

5. Never be Overconfident 

If you have beaten your competitor in past in terms of anything in business, don't consider that you can beat them next time also without putting efforts on field. You should always keep focusing on how to improve next time wherever it is required.