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How to get a user to test your mobile app?

How to get a user to test your mobile app?

Thursday November 09, 2017,

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So you have developed a new mobile application and tried to show it to your close group of friends and coworkers, and thinking of getting biased feedback from them, obviously, they will not. Now the very next step will be searching the genuine user for the app to get unbiased feedback. But wait, from where you are going to find that! Don't worry, this article is all about how to find a real user and get a response from them in a genuine way.


Attracting User Without Paying A Single Rupee

You are a small group of company who has just been a startup? Then obviously you are planning to save every single buck. But if are not planning to spend a single rupees on an app, then how you are going to find a genuine user for your app.

The solution is targeting the free social media platforms and news site to market your app. The key focus should be user satisfaction by giving them what they desire and making them crazy enough to download that app. A site like Quora can be used to find the answer to all our question and at the same time help us out to get a free user to download our app. And the main benefit is you can get questions and problems related to your app. Mentioning that app is just the beta version, and any feedback is welcomed will add on appreciation to your app.

Alternatively marketing your application on blogging or other relevant sites will also attract some chunks of users, if you are mainly focusing on what its users need. The trend is to present your app to early birds, to get the feedback accordingly and implement the changes.

Paying User To Test Your New App

The above method, especially the cost-saving method has few disadvantages. Firstly there is seriously no guarantee whether persons are going to download your app or not, secondly, you will either not get feedback or will get a low-quality feedback.

So if you are willing to pay for downloads and getting genuine feedback, you can use sites like mTurk.com, a marketplace owned by Amazon. mTurk is going to guarantee you results, as people are greedy for earning few bucks by completing various odd jobs.

Many other options like Fiverr or UserTesting who are stepping up from mTurk. There you will get professionals who are specialised in app testing and will give you genuine feedback.

Be Ready For The Feedback

Getting feedback for your new app is just the beginning of your journey in app world.You should improve your app according to the feedbacks. Various third parties sites like Usabilla will help you out for feedback workout flow.

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