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Fitness Apps 2017

Fitness Apps 2017 | Best Health and Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps 2017

Friday January 06, 2017,

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No matter what diet you want to lose - the right thing to do is to get the right documentation and motivation. Myfitnesspal from the sports brand Under Armor is distinguished by a truly comprehensive database, which includes not only around one million meals and three million foodstuffs, but also some 350 fitness exercises. The detection of food is facilitated, among other things, by a favorite function. In addition, several foods can be added at the same time and the user can store complete meals. The app also offers a barcode scanner for ready-made versions. The app captures not only the calories of a food, but also contains fats, protein, fiber, sugar, carbohydrates and more. Setting goals and extensive evaluations and graphs should provide motivation.


The calorie counter from Fatsecret also offers a very extensive food database, which can be supplemented by the user with his own entries and recipes - so you really have all the nutrients at a glance. And if you do not want to search for the individual food, you can simply scan the packaging. The app calculates the recommended daily requirement of calories according to the activity and displays the already recorded nutrients in detail.


Like its predecessors, FDDB is also one of the most used tracking apps. FDDB syncs your diary, favorites, your diet report, and more. Unfortunately, many useful features are available only through the online portal. However, the app provides an extensive food database. The focus is on statistics and details of your diet. FDDB is not a motivation app, but shows you how the predecessors, also the facts of your diet.

YAZIO calorie counters

With the Android and iOS app, you can create your personal calorie and nutrition plan, build muscle, or keep your weight. The app also tracks the calories as well as nutritional values like carbohydrates, protein and fat. In addition to the app, Yazio is also present online and scores with various calculators as well as a caloric table, which is available for everyone.

Lose It!

The Android exclusive app combines training and food journal. The food database is considerable and includes both brands and generic foods. The data include calories, carbohydrate content, fat and other details. From the entered training sessions and meals taken, the app calculates how many calories were taken and burnt, so the user knows how much he can eat in one day.


Lifesum was called ShapeUp Club, and under its new name the app controls the calorie consumption in about 20 sports. The focus, however, is on the Kalorientagebuch, where users can capture the food they have taken. A database of nutritional information on about 400,000 foods makes this task immensely easier. Once you have entered your weight, the desired weight, the desired decrease per week, your age and your gender, the app calculates how many calories the user can consume per day. Calories consumed during the training are of course deducted accordingly.


Fooducate is suitable for those who want to eat healthier. The app not only informs about healthy food alternatives, but also proposes appropriate food to the user. Thus, the applications stand out from comparable offers, because it is not just about calorie counting and losing weight.

Noom: Lose weight

As usual with such apps, the user also enters gender, age, height, weight, and weight as desired. The application then generates an individual plan for losing weight. For this to work, the user must record all meals and training units taken with Noom. Ramifications elements should provide additional motivation.

Nike + Run Club

The Nike-Run club app scores especially in the community. The app also has the standard functions, such as tracing runs and creating and adapting training plans. For all those who need motivation to run, this app is just right. On rankings lists can be compared to runs or started together with other runners as well as friends. So you can reach your kilometers together.

Slimming by walking

Slimming by running is not a typical running app, but rather a run coach. With the aid of special interval training programs and specially tailored training programs, everyone should achieve their goals. Through the five different trainers and varied music, a motivation is guaranteed. A premium account with more features is also available.


With the free Strava app, runs or bike tours can be tracked and viewed in the overview. In the premium version even more functions are possible - for example a more detailed analysis, live feedback and an individual coaching. Strava offers various community opportunities, so that no one has to run alone. On the tracked tracks the times of others can be viewed and compared. You can also join different running groups and follow other users. So you do not miss any runs or bike tours in the news feed. Private settings are of course possible.

Android App Development

Komoot - Bicycle & Hiking Guide

With Komoot, offline maps, precise navigation and tips for exciting hikes, bike tours and mountain bike trails can be discovered. You can explore pre-made maps and tours as well as create your own itineraries. The app also shows you the route, difficulty, distance and altitude.

Random run

With Random run are boring tracks of yesterday. You decide for yourself how many kilometers you want to run, and then the app randomly creates a route. To go into the unknown certainly is not everyone's business, but certainly has a certain fun factor for many users, especially in foreign or new cities.


The abbreviation C25K stands for couch to 5 km - thus from the couch to 5 km. The app is designed for jogging beginners and consists of a program that runs over nine weeks. The user trains three times a week, with the intensity of the training steadily increasing. In the first week it is leisurely with a 20-minute unit, with alternating 60 seconds running and 90 seconds gone.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

The Endomondo Sports Tracker from Under Armor is a millennium and is suitable for activities like jogging, biking, skiing, horseback riding, boxing and much more. The app is available in both a free and a paid version, and also offers a premium service, where monthly costs are due.


Besides RunKeeper, Runtastic is one of the best known fitness apps. This app also offers a community and the possibility to record routes and other data via GPS and save it online. Compared to the Pro version, the basic app does not incur any monthly costs. In addition to the version for runners has also Runtastic apps to for cycling and skiers, Nordic walkers and other athletes.