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Leadbot: Know Why it's a Salesperson's Best Friend

Leadbot: Know Why it's a Salesperson's Best Friend

Monday November 28, 2016,

2 min Read

More often than not, managers and salespeople have trouble keeping track of all the sales leads they collect over time. Lead management is troublesome as it involves keeping track of several variables like;

• Lead contact details

• Sale opportunity details

• probability of closing a sale

Many organizations rely on excel sheets to track of all these metrics. Keeping excel sheets updated is a challenge for most organizations as new information keeps coming in daily.

Leadbot, an enterprise version of Acebot, has been introduced specially for sales teams. Now sales teams can avail of Leadbot’s amazing Lead Manager features to boost sales!

Here is why you and your sales team should definitely get Ace as your lead manager:

• Capture a lead by simply snapping a photo of a business card.

• Enter the opportunities, as well as the probability of closure.

• Ace will record Any competitors targeting your leads

• Easily access all lead information by just messaging ‘lead’ to ace

• Ace will automatically report all lead information to the sales manager!

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With Ace as your Lead Manager there is no longer any need to keep track of leads in complex spreadsheets! Save your valuable time for business closures with ace! Besides AceBot is on both Facebook Messenger and Slack, so working with Ace is as easy as texting a friend. Acebot's user friendly and intuitive interface means that it is easy for even the most techno-phobic managers and salespersons to effectively use this product.

its many features, Leadbot is also coming up with CRM Integration. Combining the power of Leadbot with your existing CRM makes it an extremely powerful tool that will help you identify sales trends.

Supercharge your sales teams with Leadbot and take the full benefit of the chatbot revolution!