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6 Reasons why Explainer Videos are the Future of Online Marketing

Read about the 6 Main Factors that why Explainer Videos are Future of Online Marketing.

6 Reasons why Explainer Videos are the Future of Online Marketing

Monday December 12, 2016,

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Learning Marketing strategies may not be rocket science but it's not a cakewalk as well. You have to try every possible thing and keep experimenting to check your target audience behavior with different means of advertising. In last few years Explainer Videos have become one of the most successful means of marketing technique beating the traditional banner and text adverts. Some marketers are still confused about adapting this new marketing technique, but if you want to stay in the market you have to create Explainer Videos marketing plan as early as possible.

1. Higher Engagement

Audiences are more likely to engage with a video compared to social posts and text articles. They get to visualize the product or service, in addition to hearing all details about it. Videos have been shared at much higher rate than posts, images and texts. There is much higher chance of watching a video completely than reading an 800 word blog post. Even the laziest buyer can get engaged with an explainer video and find out every single detail about the product or service.

2. More Information in less time

We say that a picture speaks 1000 words, and in case of a 2 minute video it is worth a million words. You can show your idea, explain your product or service in detail and convey your message effectively through a video which should be centered on a story written by someone who knows exactly what your vision is. It should be short and simple at the same time. When it comes to Explainer videos users don't have to make an extra effort to search for the information on a page in between the lines, they can easily access all information in less time.

3. Audience can fall in love with your Campaign

An Explainer video can easily connect with the audience who could eventually start liking your product. It creates positive emotions in the viewer's mind which in return increases the chance of making a decision to buy. An Explainer video does not only convey facts but also becomes memorable if created with perfection. You can make a strong bond with the audience when you are telling a story through visuals and sound. And this stands true for all kind of video adverts.

4. Good for SEO

Google and other search engines love websites with videos, in fact they have started prioritizing video based sites and contents on result page. Posting Explainer videos on blogs, distributing them through social media and embedding them on your page increases the chances of your website showing up higher result in search result. Good SEO that is search engine friendly is always primary aim of any business owner who wants to convert client’s online and Explainer videos can make things right.

5. Higher Conversion Rate

Most of the marketers say that Video conversion rate is much higher than any other marketing means. Amazon and eBay reported that adding a video to their products page increased their conversion rate by 35%. An Explainer video which tells a story can go viral faster which means free reach to hundreds and thousands of potential customers quickly.

6. Explainer Videos explains everything easily

A well scripted Explainer video can explain most of the things in an easy, convenient and interesting way. Viewers feel like they are watching another movie, Hence they tend to listen to it with more attention compared to reading a few lines on banner ads.

You cannot afford to avoid this powerful medium of marketing and advertising to reach out to millions of untapped potential customers. A well scripted Explainer video story which includes message about your product or service can engage and convert larger amount of customers for you.