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Voice Over’s - Being Able to Act on a Mic

Voice over artists in Mumbai

Thursday December 22, 2016,

3 min Read

How essential is Audio? Can you see a mute television going on for long?

Voice plays a very important role in both entertainment and education. Any video is incomplete without an Audio.

Few decades ago, very small amount of TV and Radio Channels acted as the means of electronic entertainment with even smaller number of programmes and languages. But now the situation is changed, you find numerous channels in many different languages. Due to this language diversification in our world, the demand for voice over artistes has also increased significantly.

To be a really good voice actor you also need to be trained actor I order to help build that strong character as required, to bring a script to life, and make the audience visualize the character your created fully. A voice of an un-trained actor can never be able to put life in to his character.

As a voice artist you should not only be a fluent in a particular language you are working with, but should also be able to show changeability in your voice to match modulation, tone & gaps, lip sync to match with the body language of your character. To be a pro voiceover artist, you need to have clarity in your voice, pronunciation and dialogue delivery and also be able to display emotion in your voice that would reach your audience.

That said, having a pleasing voice should be your only trait. Any lines or script you read need to sound as though you’re having a natural conversation rather than recitation. You have to know what to give emphasis to, and how to articulate without sounding pretentious.

Gamut provides professional voice over services, specialising in the creating voice overs for all types of media, including Television and Radio Commercials, E-Learning assignments, Corporate AV’s, Animations, IVR, Auto Attendant and On-Hold messages, Story narration, Video games, DVD, etc.

In the business world, to generate prospects and revenues, advertisements are still a dominant and effective tool for your business. Be it television or radio, knowing your audience is the key as there are the ones consuming the ads. With or without a visual medium, everything depend on the tone of voice, its pace and emotion. For example if the commercial demands the character to sound scared, excited, nervous, calm, then that’s what the voice artist needs to sound. Failure to get the perfect sound for your commercial will result in wastages of sales and furthermore wastage of money.

If you ever want to hire character voices, then opting for experienced voice over artist Mumbai, who have had all the needed training is the right choice. Get a skilled voiceover artist that fits well with the message of your advertisement and demographic of your audience.