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My own bike company and I - a great travel experience

My own bike company and I - a great travel experience

Friday June 29, 2018,

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Bike on Rent in Jaipur

Bike on Rent in Jaipur

Here I am gonna talk about my tremendous trip to Jaipur which is also called the ''City of Pink Royalty''. Presently, I am surviving in Delhi. It had been starting winters and I was being pitied uninterested in my office routine. Life was heading totally same manner. 

Eat Work Sleep and Repeat. All of a sudden, one day my friends ask me for a bike trip. I had been in office and really uninterested in my work. I quickly have only one option to state "YES". Exactly the same day at night we found after office time as our office buildings are nearby and made a decision to happen to be Jaipur, however, not like boring traditional Indian way (Bus, Train and that I don't possess one yet i.e. Car). We made a decision to cover this way on the bike.

Before that, I never continued a long bike trip. I have only ridden about 50 to 60 KMs in a day rarely. So, I had been a bit nervous.

We decided to start our trip on Friday morning but in some way, it had not been possible because of my laziness. Finally, after extended hours of waiting we fulfilled and begin our trip at 02:00 PM. It really is 02:00 PM already and I was a bit afraid that people gonna make it before night or not because Jaipur is approx 270 KMs from Delhi. 

Many bad things came up to my mind as though something happens to my bike like the puncher, engine problem, and blah a lot of other thousand things. But my pal was too much supportive, she just said dude don't be concerned we gonna make it easy. And we began our journey.

So, we made a decision to meet at Sikanderpur metro station at 02:00 PM.

Before ending up with my friend, all of a sudden I thought that to begin with I will check my bike by some mechanic to ensure that everything is okay or not. So, I appeared nearby and there have been many shops for bike and car workshops. 

I visited the nearby bike mechanic he really was busy along with his work. I put my bike on the stand and sat nearby him and said that would you please give an instantaneous check to my bike because I must travel really significantly. He switched towards me and appeared, then smiled and asked how much significantly? I said not too much, actually, I am going out of Jaipur right now. He again smiled and remaining his work and asked where your bicycle sir is and I directed towards my bike. 

Walking towards bike he said would you really know what is your bike is called inside our mechanic terms? I replied blankly "Yamaha FZ". He laughed and explained that this bike is named "Virgin Bike" because you can't remove petrol from its offering pipe.

He checked out my bike approx 10 to 15 minutes, tightened some screws and breaks and then said fine you will go everything is okay. All of a sudden, he said to wait around have you got bike gloves? My response clarifies him as no. So, he began to describe that gloves are incredibly necessary for bike driving and helmet also. So after purchasing gloves (he persuaded me which ultimately shows he was a good salesperson), I come to get point and my pal became a member of me and we began our trip. We were really thrilled.

I started my trip on Highway and traffic had not been much. After one hour we come too near Manesar (place nearby Gurugram). I confronted much traffic there. As I understand that Manesar can be a professional area, so a lot of trucks relocating that area and create traffic jams. 

My speed reduced to 15 to 20 KMs every hour and I was starting fretting about my trip. But finally, after struggling I acquired a big plane open up the highway and spark arrived at my eyes and I increase the speed of my bike to 80 to 90 KMs per hour. After traveling approx one hour we stopped for a few teas and experienced refreshed.

Now, again our trip began towards Jaipur. The highway really was smooth. The trip was going on with some little stop. Approx 05:00 PM we observed a board that Jaipur only 50 KMs and an influx of happiness move all through my own body and excitement acquired increased. We exceeded through a lovely campus of Amity University, Jaipur. The campus was middle of nowhere, but a very important factor draws in me a great deal just a little Hill with name located onto it.

We continue our trip towards Jaipur and after one hour approx we come to the road cut and we get lost by the local board since it exhibiting Jaipur city in two ways and my mobile battery was totally down. There have been some traffic policemen standing up and they informed us to consider left and you will reach the town. 

Now, we required still left and leave the highway and begin riding to the standard highway after 10 to 15 minutes drive I came across that condition of the street is very bad. It had been very lean bounded by many homes and huge traffic of rickshaw, cycles and walking people. We thought it could be Jaipur city but we were incorrect. 

Actually, we are in outer of the location as shown on the map by the red marking. I recognized over time that people are on Amer road near buy Jaipur. After fighting with traffic, finally, we come to our stay. Next, Day I made a decision to not take bike ride tour, we booked a complete day cab for Jaipur tour while my bike was taking rest within my friend's house where we remained during the night. 

I am sharing some pictures of this day within my pink city visit.

After 2 days stay static in Jaipur, I simply found my bike early on in morning and begin driving towards Delhi.

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