Biometric Kiosk Machine for Better Customer Experience

Biometric-based self-service kiosk machines render better customer experience with higher security as the system is reliable, easy to use, fast, and seamless.

6th Feb 2020
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In today's fast-moving & self-service world, the utilization of interactive kiosk machines has become increasingly popular. Nowadays, kiosk machines have been progressively utilized in multiple sectors, amidst that the hospitality industry is largely been implementing the self-service machines intending to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, for reducing costs, managing the crowd, increasing operational performance and much more.

A lot of technologies are devised to ease the process of a user amongst which biometric has become mainstream in the commercial and public sectors. A biometric-based kiosk is a self-service machine enabled with the biometric functionality such as fingerprint, face, and iris recognition to efficiently identify the accesses or users. 

Biometrics-based self-service kiosk machine

Biometric-based self-service kiosk machines render better customer experience with higher security as the system is reliable, easy to use, fast, and seamless. With the application of innovative biometric-based technology deployed in the self-service kiosks, prolonged customer/passenger queues can be reduced in various places like airports, malls, restaurants, theatres, railway stations, and hospitals during the ticketing or dispensing process.

One of India’s leading Biometric and RFID providers – Mantra Softech India Pvt Ltd. will come up with the elegantly and smartly designed next-generation Biometric-based self-service Kiosk machine in the country.

The biometric-enabled self-service kiosk machines are profoundly valuable for workplaces as companies require a smooth HR operation that can help the employees in getting the human resources process smoother and faster. Moreover, it helps almost all verticals in a way that makes the entire system more efficient and streamlined with particular emphasis laid to set up a foolproof and reliable self-service system.

Consequently, countless tasks are performed by the Kiosk self-service machine at any time. The system provides ergonomic solutions to every domain as the implementation of the kiosk is not restricted by a particular sector or industry.

Self-service-check-in biometric-based kiosk machines bringing an interactive experience

Every industry demands a tool or machine to promote the self-service tasks assuring easy, hassle-free, and timely delivery of services. A self-service kiosk can be a perfect fit owning to such demands of multiple industries. An interactive kiosk is an integrated machine that is more than just digital signage.

The kiosk machine brings an interactive experience to the user in diversified sectors ranging from finance, transportation, telecommunication, health care, commerce, taxation, and other industries. A Kiosk machine can further be classified based on varied requirements such as check-in kiosks, government kiosks, health care kiosks, casino kiosks, virtual receptionist kiosks, gift registry kiosks, and others.

The most reliable, accurate, and trustworthy biometric kiosk machines designed with state-of-the-art biometric technology can identify an individual uniquely by determining his/her physiological traits like fingerprint, face, or iris images.  

Any industry rummaging about the custom-made kiosk machines to suit their requirements of unique and innovative kiosks can get tailor-made kiosks, which will assist them to promote their services.

What keeps the self-service biometric kiosk machine at the upper hand?   

  • Management of crowd

An era of self-service technology is right in front of us, simplifying user’s daily operations like ticketing, check-in, check-outs, order taking, and dispensing. The self-service Kiosk machine reduces lengthy customer queues and also eliminates customer’s need to wait for a longer time. A kiosk machine thus assists the management in controlling the crowd volume.

It does not mean that self-service kiosks will eliminate the customer queue, but rather it will assist in managing the crowd to a greater extent. For instance, the self-service kiosk machine at movie-theaters can shorten queues, enabling customers with a smooth ticket buying and printing process.

  • Handling large operations

Every industry feels a strong desire to adopt a smart, speedy self-service technology that offers easy handling of their large operational tasks. For instance, healthcare, hospitality, and the food industry often find it difficult to handle large operations involving a great number of customers or users. To such industries, Kiosk can bring a time-saving, speedy, and efficient self-service solution that can simultaneously handle multiple & large operations.

  • Instant identification

Biometric kiosks offer an ideal solution for any agency or organization that needs to instantly and accurately identify individuals at checkpoints or transaction point-of-sale locations. The biometric capability enables kiosks machine to collect fingerprint, facial, and iris impressions & can further send it for processing to the law enforcement agencies.

  • Reducing staff/labor costs

With self-service kiosk implementation, the need for hiring or keeping more staff will certainly reduce. Consequently, the system will minimize the overall expenditure. The same staff can also be assigned efficiently to some other task or operation requiring more workforces resulting in improved morale and reduced staff turnover. For instance, deploying self-service Kiosk machines at the Airport will eliminate the need for engaging the boarding staff for such tasks as may be easily performed by the self-service kiosk machine. 


There are numerous benefits of futuristic biometric-based self-service kiosk machines in different industries from hotels, theaters, hospitals, small & large businesses, shopping centers to church. Listed underneath are some of the compelling advantages that the self-service Kiosk offers:-

  • Instant customer service
  • Eliminates longer queues
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Secure processing
  • Provides all relevant information to the customer
  • Increased productivity
  • Efficient ticketing and dispensing
  • Handling large operations or functions
  • Easy management of crowd
  • Avoid unnecessary chaos
  • Active Interaction with customers
  • Instant identification


The interactive biometric kiosk machines are typically exercised at airports, railway stations, in retail stores, libraries, food outlets, sports betting and various other places where self-service applications add some benefits to the already existing services. Listed underneath are the top places where the self-service kiosk machine fulfills the operations up to snuff.

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Theaters
  • Restaurants
  • Railway Stations
  • Small and Large Enterprises
  • Hospitals
  • Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools and Businesses
  • Border Control & Law Enforcement
  • And Across Other Multiple Industries

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