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A GST Basics PDF Booklet: Keep Calm AND Listen To GST Full Form

The most awaited GST is now LIVE... I think it was somewhat the June 2000 when the GST was introduced. And today it is somewhat the July 2019 when I'm writing this. Actually, GST was introduced to the complete Country (India) on 1 July 2017; and the basics are here...

A GST Basics PDF Booklet: Keep Calm AND Listen To GST Full Form

Monday July 22, 2019,

5 min Read

The Most Awaiting GST Acts Booklet Is Here...

If business opportunities aren't here then they might be nowhere… 

Many a time I was asked what GST is, What is the full form of GST, and what blah blah? 

So, I decided to write all about the GST by keeping my mind calm. To which I named this guide keep calm and listen to GST full form. 

And yes, it is a complete GST booklet. Actually, it’s not - the actual one is here… GST Registration: Booklet  

Yes, I took the reference from the same. 

So, the overall credit of writing this all goes to the LeadingFile; a Business Leading Innovation! Well, I think they are superb at writing and understanding business. 

I, therefore, suggest you to spend your precious time at LeadingFile

Well, to know all about GST or whatever of this guide in detail, visit the same reference. 

Considering the topic: as --

GST Full Form || GST Translation

GST -- full form: Goods and Services Tax.

Before knowing more about the Goods and Services Tax, let's try to understand how tax in India works. 

Needless to say, the government of any country requires money for its functioning and the tax for the government is a great source of revenue. Thus this is how the tax which is collected is spent by the government on the public of the corresponding country. 

Well, taxes are broadly classified into 2 types: the first is 

  • Direct tax and the other one is;
  • Indirect tax.

Let’s provide them with a quick overview…

Direct Tax: Direct tax is the income of a person. The amount of tax payable is different on the income earned by the individual from different sources such as salaries, house rent, income, so the more you earn, the more you give to the government.

Indirect Tax: Indirect tax is not levied, instead, it is levied on goods and services, which in turn increase MRP's goods and services. Contrary to direct taxes, the indirect tax should be borne by the end customer, rich and poor equally. There are many indirect taxes. Some of them are planted by the Central Government, while some are imposed on the indirect tax system by the state government as a very complex system.

In order to simplify the indirect tax system, GST has been introduced to change many indirect taxes by the state and central governments.

GST has changed about 17 of the current state and central indirect taxes (more coming in the future) such as central excise, additional customs duty, VAT, entertainment tax, service tax etc.

This is called Goods and Services. Click to understand GST with a simple example.

GST Translation: Meaning || Conversion Of GST In 14 Indian Languages

I think peoples are unusual of this GST Translation…!!!

However, I make a deal with you, no one can answer GST meaning in their own languages. 

And I also bet, they must be knowing the GST and its full form in English. 

So, today we will also elaborate the mystery and will make you aware of the GST in your own language. 

Note: This isn’t the one-third part of the guide from where we opted this information. However, if you are really curious to know all about the GST, have a look at the LeadingFile guide on GST Registration. 

The navigation path is as -- LeadingFile.Com >> Registrations >> Tax Registraitons >> GST Registration. 

To this guide, you will not be enforced to get registered under GST. Whereas, you - yourself will opt that after knowing the complete GST. 

Crawling back to the GST translation, here we go…

  1. GST meaning: English - Goods and Services Tax
  2. GST meaning: Hindi - वस्तु एवं सेवा कर
  3. GST meaning: Punjabi - ਗੁਡਸ ਐਂਡ ਸਰਵਿਸਿਜ਼ ਟੈਕਸ
  4. GST meaning: Urdu - سامان اور خدمات ٹیکس
  5. GST meaning: Gujarati - સામાન અને સેવાઓ કર
  6. GST meaning: Marathi - वस्तू आणि सेवा कर
  7. GST meaning: Bengali - পণ্য ও পরিষেবা কর
  8. GST meaning: Nepali - सामान र सेवा कर
  9. GST meaning: Kannada - ಸರಕು ಮತ್ತು ಸೇ ವಾ ತೆರಿಗೆ
  10. GST meaning: Tamil - பொருட்கள் மற்றும் சேவைகள் வரி
  11. GST meaning: Telugu - వస్తువులు మరియు సేవల పన్ను
  12. GST meaning: Malayalam - വസ്തുക്കളും സേവന നികുതിയും
  13. GST meaning: Sindhi - سامان ۽ خدمتون ٽيڪس
  14. GST meaning: Arabic - ضريبة السلع والخدمات


End of the blog post! Somewhat here you will come to know the conclusion of the entire blog post. 

And the conclusion says that GST is something which is common to everyone but is not used in common by everyone. 

Often, everyone knows about this but no one is to consider it. They can name it but they can’t explain it. So, to make them come out of this all we explained the whole in detail. 

Going forth, if you still face any issue with the GST then ahead your face towards LeadingFile. They are the one who can resolve all your issue, raised towards GST.

One more thing; their GST consultancy is scored with a number of 10 on 10!

Hope you enjoyed it and the reference as well. If so then don’t forget to comment and thank the source from my side too.