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5 Effective Ways to Manage Your Customers' Expectation

5 Effective Ways to Manage Your Customers' Expectation

Wednesday November 28, 2018,

4 min Read

Customer satisfaction depends on businesses knowing about their customers’ needs and expectation and take apt steps to fulfill them. A quality customer service requires answering customers’ queries promptly and resolving their problems at once. Fortunately, there are plenty of channels available for businesses to reach out customers – emails, phone, and social media. However, the daunting task is to choose the right media, cover them all and stay prompt and accurate.

Read on to know about effective ways to exceed your customers’ expectation and create an ever-lasting experience:

Take customers’ feedback seriously

To know about your customers’ expectation is the first step in providing quality customer care. Customers’ feedback givens an insight into what your customers are expecting in a variety of ways:

  • What do customers hate about your business?
  • Is there any rude staff who is bringing your reputation down?
  • Is your service or product serving the customers?

You already have their feedback. It is time to take them seriously and figure out their expectations.

Take help of a cloud contact center

A cloud contact center helps you manage your customers’ expectation through a wide range of solutions, for instance:

  • Real-time analytics – Enables you to analyze your service in real-time and improve accordingly
  • 24/7 support – Provide full customer support round the clock
  • Professional image – Helps you maintain professional image before customers
  • Cloud telephony – Handles and manages your all incoming calls, transfer them to the right person if required, make communications tracked and easily accessible for future reference
  • Solutions – Blended calling, multiple call routing, outbound dialers, call notes to offer a robust, scalable and secure customer experience

In a nutshell, a cloud contact center takes care of every big and small need of your customers and helps your business manage their expectations.

Maintain clear communication

Miscommunication or poor communication is a huge problem on the way to fulfill customers’ expectation. It is one of the biggest issues that prevent businesses from delivering a good service. Companies often fail to realize that updating the indirect modes of communication is as important as handling direct modes of communication. For example, effective communication through different channels:

  • Website – Are all pages up-to-date?
  • Social media platforms – Are they regularly updated? Are they used to communicate the right information?
  • Print materials – Are printed materials are frequently updated with new pieces of information, like prices, new services, features, etc.
  • FAQs – Are your FAQs updated with new questions and queries customers enquired? Is all the information detailed and accurate?

It is equally essential to maintain the direct modes of communication clear and honest.

Apologize when required

There are times when after trying very hard, you make mistakes. It is not uncommon. However, taking responsibility for your mistakes is necessary. Majority of customer-centric brands apologize for every time for the mistakes they commit. If businesses sincerely make an apology, customers realize their favorite brand understands the true value of the relationship. In fact, in some cases, it might change the opinion about you.

Update regularly

If your product or services is complex, it may require several steps to resolve customers’ queries. To avoid this issue, send regular updates to your customers. Setting expectations allow your customers to save their time spent in contacting or reaching you. If your service involves system updates, ensure to relay them to all of your service channels. Along with this, don’t forget to update your website, social media handles.

Every business finds the task of fulfilling customer’s expectation challenging. You might have struggled to set a realistic expectation for your customers. However, with these tips, it won’t be difficult for you to meet them and in fact exceed beyond.