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5 Reasons To Use The Sharepoint Framework In Your Organization

5 Reasons To Use The Sharepoint Framework In Your Organization

Thursday November 15, 2018,

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Let us start with the fact that Microsoft Sharepoint is complicated and takes a lot of effort to get it started. But, let’s not ignore the fact that it adds tremendous value when used properly. And by tremendous, we mean tremendous. However, you will still find people telling you that it is a piece of cake. But the reality is quite different; it takes effort and time. We know this from our experience in Sharepoint development services.

With time, Microsoft has pushed immaculate changes to the existing framework which has since helped customers realize the true power of Sharepoint. Using Sharepoint is definitely worth it if planned correctly. Look for an expert, especially an ASP.NET web development company that can help you in providing robust services.

Here are 5 reasons to use Sharepoint framework in your organization

  1. Any small or large enterprise is connected via intranet today. In order to customize the capabilities for Intranet, where your organization’s confidential information is stored, you need to ensure that the customization work effectively and in a secured manner. Sharepoint framework helps the solutions run in the context of the current user. In order to ensure security is through code reviews.
  2. You can also use the existing Sharepoint Add-in model for building similar customization. By granting Sharepoint Add-in a specific set of permissions, you can be sure that the customization can access only the information it needs and nothing else.
  3. The current Sharepoint Framework Web Parts are a part of the modern-page and exist along other web parts. Now when you look at it, each web part is a part of the page itself. Hence, it is also a part of its DOM and one web part could, in theory, modify or enhance the content of another web part on another page.
  4. Now, in order to maintain the integrity of the data handled by your web solution, build a client-side application which takes up the entire canvas, or a Web Part with the help of Sharepoint Add-in model running standalone in an iframe.
  5. A notable fact: SharePoint frameworks are 100% client-side based and run in browser. With Sharepoint development services, you can make it harder to read your JavaScript code for enhanced security; however, the code is still loaded in the browser. In cases where you ardently want to protect your IP, go with solutions that use server-side code such as provider-hosted add-ins.
  6. SharePoint UX is built with the philosophy of mobile-first in mind. In addition to being responsive, modern team sites have all their contents and customizations easily available to use with the SharePoint mobile app! Mobile users are an important audience for any business today. Hence, building it using the SharePoint Framework should be your top priority.
  7. We know that undertaking long-running operations, like provisioning and configuring SharePoint sites, on the client is a bad idea. This can take things out of control. Consider, having built the UX using the new SharePoint Framework, for backwards compatibility with classic SharePoint sites, it can be then swiftly implemented in the long-running operation as an Azure Webjob or Function. In doing so, any issue pertaining to the browser will not influence the long-running operation, which can be used to scale independently once the solution you provide needs more power to function.

Over To You

Sharepoint development or integration is not easy. We have said this earlier. This isn’t a cautionary warning to look for simpler options. Not everything that is good is easy to use or make it function. Often, systems or softwares that provide extensive solutions are complex in their own way. They just need to be analysed and practised upon more frequently. Sharepoint can turn out to be one of the best solutions for your enterprise.