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5 Recruitment Strategies You Should Use To Attract Top Talent

5 Recruitment Strategies You Should Use To Attract Top Talent

Tuesday June 25, 2019,

5 min Read

Does your current recruitment strategy consist of posting a job advert and waiting for a response from the perfect candidate? There are plenty of tried and tested recruitment strategies out there, and the “post and wait” technique is far from the best one. If you are wanting to fill some positions, decrease the time it takes for your company to hire and find a better quality of candidates, then there are some recruitment strategies you should consider.

In its current state, the job market is highly competitive. There are numerous job vacancies which are posted every day, but how many attract the candidate you are looking for?

Be Innovative With Your Recruiting Process

Depending on the industry, company and current recruitment strategy you use, it is likely that you get a few hundred applications per position you advertise. Some successful companies have completely ditched the CV method of job application altogether and, instead, have chosen to use tests.

Some have also made it extremely easy to apply, often using just the click of a button. This can often generate up to 5 times as many applicants as a standard CV submission, but you don’t need to replicate these recruitment strategies in order to attract large numbers of candidates. Simply just try something different and innovate your current recruitment strategy. As long as you stand out from the crowd, then the chances of attracting high-quality candidates will increase.

Post An Accurate Job Advert

Recruiting for a role can be difficult at times, particularly if you are in a under-skilled sector. The most popular form of recruitment often comes from HR staff and recruitment companies, who write job ads which can then make or break the business’ search for the right talent, but this can also be done by you, if you know what to include.

Whilst you need to make your advert as compelling as possible, try not to oversell the job. If you don’t expect them to do it, then don’t include it. Use the analogy that job seekers are your customers, so try to catch their eye and appeal to their wants and needs. Be sure to proofread your job adverts and ensure that they are accurate. Nothing will discourage an applicant more than incorrect and grammatically-poor job adverts.

Improve Your Job Interviews

When candidates reach the interview stage, they will require extra effort to maintain. You will need to sell them the role you are offering, no matter how much they need a new job or place of work and this is where most recruiting companies fail. Around 83% of candidates said that a negative experience in a job interview will change their opinion on a role with a company that they liked the look of.

Websites, like Glassdoor, come with a section where job applicants can review companies, even if they have never worked there, based solely on the interview alone. Applicants can and will talk about their job interview experience, even if they don’t make the final stage and, if your interview is made up of questions such as “what would you consider to be your biggest weakness” then you should expect some criticism. Instead of taking the same approach as everyone else, make sure that interviewing candidates are asked meaningful and interesting questions and are given more information on the role they will be carrying out. Even if they don’t get the role, they will still spread the good word around.

Look Overseas

Hiring international candidates is a great way to make your company more diverse and it will add a whole new set of skills to your team. When looking to hire overseas, it is vital that you carry out the right research and smart small. Around one in five businesses have workforces made up of at least 3 different nationalities and with international candidates offering a wide range of skills and specialisms, it is no surprise why many businesses are choosing to hire from international talent pools.

Before you even advertise overseas, you must be aware of the visa and working laws of both your country and the country you are advertising the role in. You need to, at least vaguely, know the ins and outs of visas, permit applications and tier 2 visa sponsors before you go any further with the application, so it is recommended that you seek the advice of a professional who can provide that information, for both your’s and the applicant’s benefit.

Be Flexible

Employees search for jobs and companies where the pressures of work won’t have an effect on their personal life. Modern-day companies are now realising that offering flexible and balanced work conditions should be more available than monotonous 9-5 jobs.

When searching for new employees, and even with consideration to your current workforce, give them something a little extra such as flexible working hours, the ability to work from home or even monthly target competitions. Offering a sense of rejuvenation to the traditional office space is crucial and there should be a chance to get away from the traditional standards of work.