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5 Tips on SEO Keywords Strategy

Do you have an idea of how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword will help your website?

5 Tips on SEO Keywords Strategy

Thursday February 14, 2019,

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But first, let’s talk about the word SEO before we go on the main topic.

While there is billions of website on the internet, search engines manage all these sites. Of course, businesses don’t want to let their business website be on the bottom.

Through SEO your business will appear on search engines.

And it can increase your site’s visibility. It will appear on searches without paying anything. That is why these results are sometimes called "natural" or "organic".

What is Keyword?

Keywords are the summation of people’s thoughts being put into actions on the keywords.

Usually, these are the words translating the way people think in a shorter format. And because people are taking advantage of how powerful search engines are. They do searches to access a vast amount of information with the help of search engines.

Why Keywords?

As years pass by, there have been changes that happened on the internet. And the examples of it are what are new in search engines, social media, websites, and others.

But we are also adjusting to it so that we can cope up. Thus, you have to search and look for the best for the benefit of your business.

Later you will understand more about the importance of SEO keywords to your website.

The use of keywords for SEO is to match what is the user is searching for. For the inquiries of the users on a search engine, keywords are important. So that, pages that are relevant to that keyword will display.

And this keyword could be a topic or question that a searcher might put on the search bar. Before we know how important a keyword is, here are the types of a keyword.

Types of Keyword:

• Head – 1 to 2 words (high search volume)

• Body – 2 to 3 words phrase (good search volume)

• Long tail – 3 or more words (low search volume)

The search volume pertains to the number of searches occurs on a keyword in a given time frame.

But you have to look which is okay between high or low search volumes. You have to depend on your target market, purpose, or on the keyword’s performance.

Before you optimize or put traffic on your website, identify the right keyword for it. Of course, you have to consider what your website is or blog is all about.

To attract the right audience, try to understand how your target market does their search. After understanding their search behavior then you can integrate this knowledge into how you can present your brand.

Search Relevancy

Keywords are very important in SEO.

By taking advantages of these keywords, your website can be found right when your target audience needed you the most. That is why you should put keywords in priority. Keywords can help your website land on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) if used inappropriate way.

You should pick the right keywords. Especially, now that search engines are getting smarter. In particular, Google uses a machine learning algorithm which is Rankbrain. This algorithm sort search results and check if your site is relevant to a keyword.

Search Engine Rank Booster

Also, keywords help boosts your search engine ranking. It means you could be on the first page of the result. And being on the first page, searchers can find you. But you have to consider some factors in using or selecting keywords.

Below are some tips you should consider.

5 Tips on SEO Keywords Strategy

1.  Keyword Stuffing

Do not repeat the keyword! This is now a black-hat tactic.

Before, keyword stuffing is being widely used. But as the year pass, the search engine is getting smarter and smarter. Overloading keywords today will make your site looks unnatural to search engines. And you don’t want your website to be categorized as irrelevant, right?

If you want your page to rank, use a proper set of keywords.

2.  Target Longtail Keyword Phrases

Usually, long tail keywords are those three-four (3-4) keyword phrases. A searcher uses long tail keywords to make their searches more specific. These searchers are hungry searchers as they are looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.

So pick keywords that are specifically about your market. And do not give a general keyword because you will have a large competition among other search results.

3.  Use Different Keyword Variations

But using keywords does not guarantee that you will be on the first page of SERP. Results may still vary through different factor.


 Search Results varies:

           -   Exact keyword match

           -   Keyword Phrase

           -   Keyword context- synonyms

           -   Keyword order

With these, you can use keyword research tools for the selection of keywords. And check if the tool you wish to use is free.

By putting a generic keyword, tools will give you the variations of keywords that you can use. After doing so, read the keywords data effectively. Take note where it comes from and if it is a social trend.

Keyword sometimes varies in time and range, so keep in mind on where they're getting the information and how they are presenting it

4.  Leverage Traffic Analytics

There are tools to help you in the selection of keywords.

One of these tools is Google Analytics. This analytical tool will help you to collect data from your visitors. Like what are your visitors’ activities in your site. Either how much time they spend, the pages they viewed, or even the reason behind their visit.

If you target the right keyword, you can put your contents to increase more visibility.

5.  Think like a Customer

You have to think like your customer.

You can do a market research and use it to your advantage. As it will help you envision how searcher will search in search engines. And more possible your keyword as close to exact to their search.

If you use the right keyword for your website, more chance to get search engine traffic.

It is not as simple as what think a keyword could be.

In SEO this is a big factor that Google algorithm checks for the ranking of sites. And the relevance of your site will depend on the keyword that has to meet the inquiry of the searcher.

To boost more your search engine visibility you can also see the latest SEO trends.

Your digital marketing campaign won’t be successful without the help of keywords. SEO company are taking advantages of this SEO keywords strategy to help business boosts their online presence.

It’s a tough competition in the business world so as in the internet world. Be relevant to help your target audience found you right when they needed you the most.