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5 Ways Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Makes It More Reliable

5 Ways Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Makes It More Reliable

Tuesday March 12, 2019,

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When it comes to outsourcing, a lot of people stick to it simply because it’s easier to do so. However, there’s yet another factor worth considering here, the factor of reliability. When running an in-house department, there are so many things that can go awfully wrong and by outsourcing, you get to avoid some of them. Add to this a much greater efficiency in the problem-solving department, better cost efficiency and the simplicity that we’ve mentioned earlier and what you get is a proper jackpot. With that in mind and without further ado, here are the top five ways outsourcing your digital marketing makes it more reliable.

Outsourcing ideas

1.     You won’t be as affected by staff problems

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that most SMBs that decide to handle their marketing in-house tend to have small teams, which means that things like sick leave and talent abandonment pose a massive issue. For instance, if you had three people in your marketing department, chances are that one of them would be in charge of your social media management. So, what would happen if that person decided to abandon your employ? Sure, you could find someone to replace them but it would take a while until the person in question gets enough training and experience. By outsourcing, you’re eliminating this problem completely, well, you’re making it someone else’s problem if we’re being completely honest.

2.     A team of experts

Previously, we’ve mentioned the problem that comes from having a small staff. When outsourcing, you’re getting a team of experts on your side, each of which is specialized in a specific task. This means that you get an overall better service. In other words, the work that has to be done either way gets handled by a workforce that’s A) bigger in size and B) more skilled at necessary tasks. In order to have such a team on your retainer, you would need to heavily invest in your digital marketing, which is something that the majority of SMBs, even the ones that are marketing-oriented, won’t be able to do.

3.     Extensive monitoring

Even with all the high-end social media monitoring tools and the automation that comes with them, extensive monitoring of relevant social media metrics is a lot of hard work. The reason why some people believe this to be easy is that they only focus on their brand. Instead, you need to look at the entire industry or niche, trying to figure out how your audience sees and talks about various relevant topics and even looking closely at the social share of voice (SSoV) that your brand is receiving compared to its closest competitors. All of this is much easier to outsource.

4.     Ongoing optimization

One of the hardest tasks that any marketing team will have is ongoing optimization. There are so many new trends emerging every single day, new tools, new updates and algorithm changes to keep in mind. This means that your investment in your marketing department is never truly over and that staying ahead of the curve requires a lot of continuous effort by both you and your team. When you decide to outsource, this simply becomes the problem that the agency you’ve outsourced to has to face on their own. Seeing as how licenses for specialized software alone can be quite expensive, the cost-effectiveness of in-house innovation is dubious at the very least.


5.     It requires less investment

The last thing you need to understand is that outsourcing your marketing tends to make it much less expensive. First of all, you need to make all the right hires and the hiring process alone can be incredibly expensive. Second, you need to equip your team with adequate software and hardware capable of running it. When it comes to some of the most potent tools, this isn’t a small feat either. The cost of training your team, paying for all the courses and sending them to all sorts of seminars isn’t inexpensive either. Lastly, time is money, and it will take quite a bit of time until your team is skilled enough.


We mention the phrase “it becomes someone else’s problem” so many times that it almost became an unofficial motto of this post. Now, for those convinced that laziness plays a key factor, we need to point out that it’s not just leaving an arduous task to someone else. It’s also about leaving it to someone who is better equipped and prepared to handle it. All of this contributes to the reliability of your digital marketing quite a bit.