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5 SEO third-party tools everyone should use

5 SEO third-party tools everyone should use

Wednesday February 28, 2018,

3 min Read

It is the fact that a perfect strategy corresponding to the time flow and business market can level-up your business beyond your expectations. The implementation of such strategies in a formal behavior concerned with the timeliness of executions is quite difficult without the hardworking manpower, or you may say an A-team of SEO company in Surat.However, you can always cut-down such manual hard-works though implementing relevant SEO tools to automate your strategy.


The Current market is availed with a dense amount of SEO tools, but again issues are concerned with choosing the right one who can honestly automate without disturbing your ranking factors or reputation. Go through the following list of top SEO tools that are mentioned along with their usability and specialization and believe it – these are the best to start with.

Google SEO Tools

The most popular search engine is not just a search engine giant; Instead, you may consider it as a business giant! The Google has its own SEO tools that can drift your SEO strategy towards quick success in an effortless pattern. Whether it be Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Google PageSpeed Tools and Google search console – all of them are worth to deal with. Implement these tools and experience the power of Google to help your business attain the superiority.


If you are not a google fan, then SEMrush is the one you are going to have a crush with. It is the one that offers extensive capabilities in its free version – functionalities that are enough for no-budget experts! Provide the required inputs like keywords, or competitors or URL and dive-in the statistics and insights of the competitors. Acquire main keywords for your business domain, competitive positioning maps and more.


Ahrefs is itself an in-house link building software that is loaded with accurate backlink database. This agent can truly educate the experts with the link and chase the competitors more accurately. Ahrefs is not budget friendly though it can provide you with enough benefits to build up a strategy in extremely abbreviated time. It comes with a 14-day trial period which is enough for an expert to evaluate the history and geography of the competitor.

Open Link Profiler

Open link profiler is an all-in-one SEO tool that is most preferred by the bloggers and freelancers. It consists of numerous features among which the reporting system that helps in forming the perfect strategy is an all-time favorite.Apart from this, it is also facilitated by deep dig-in of competitor’s backlink profile. Furthermore – the Open Link Profiler also tends to provide the beginners with the step-by-step methodology of implementing SEO techniques on the current project.

Screaming Frog

Extract in-depth crawl report of your competitors, compare them with yours and get your website optimized to reach the milestones of your business. The fascinating feature of this dude is that it can avail you with free reports for up to 500 URLs. Whether it be evaluation through analytics, audit on meta tags or title tags – Screaming frog is extremely awesome.