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Getting top rank for search keywords

A simple digital marketing strategy which helps to boost the website in SERP in the search. 

 Getting top rank for search keywords

Monday March 12, 2018,

10 min Read

Getting top rank in SERP for a search keyword is a dream for all of us. There are lots of confusion among digital marketers about how to get top rank for keywords. In the era of the internet, there is a number of information available. It is very difficult to believe, which works which does not work?


 All article claims, it is having a magic stick if we follow their techniques, we will come on top in search result overnight. Here we do mistake, why we do so? Because we do not understand the marketing in the basic term. Here I mean to say - Irrespective of whatever techniques and tricks we adopt, finally the basic plays the main role to make us successful. 

First, we have to understand why websites are coming on top in search rank, have they got thousands of backlinks, or implemented keyword in the title and so and so forth or are these websites is different from others? If you want to go in depth please refer one of my coming articles there is only one technique to get success in the field of digital marketing. In the current article, I am going to explain the basic and simple things which will help us to get on top in the search result. 

Please note down, there is no shortcut to success immediately if we keep working good things then, it may be late but believe one day we will be dominating....... Let us go through stepwise for getting our website on top in SERP for the keywords.

On-Page optimization techniques

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is the base and most important thing in digital marketing. It is one of the important and basic pillars and not one-time work, it is an ongoing process. We need to do the proper keyword research and short out the keywords in three segment - one is high volume and high competitive keywords, second is high volume and low competitive keywords and third is low volume and low competitive keywords list. For keyword research, my suggestion is Google Keyword Planner, it gives you an in-depth analysis. 

In starting I would prefer to select second and third keywords list, the reason why? One - it is very difficult in starting to get the top rank for high volume and high competitive keywords because the competitors might have implemented many digital techniques and they might be having good PA and DA, might be having good backlinks too, so best strategy is to bring our website’s PA and DA up to their level then play for high volume and high competitive keywords. Second - it takes time to rearrange our website to make competitive and getting authority of the website requires continuous effort and time. 

Increasing DA and PA takes time and needs to have a proper overall digital marketing strategy, this is another subject for discussion. Let us focus on our topic here, so I would prefer a second and third set of keywords in starting.

2. Competitor analysis

You might be thinking how competitor’s analysis helps in getting top rank for keywords? When we do proper competitors analysis we know how they use these keywords on their page and where these keywords are being used, the frequency of keywords, keyword cloud and many more tricks and technics.

By doing one of competitor analysis I found the site used keyword smartly in Testimonial, Review, FAQ and even though in the Local business listing. So it gives us many clues for success. The competitor's analysis must be a daily routine like morning Azan. Competitor’s analysis must be a hobby for a digital marketer it must be daily basis habit.

3. URL/Landing page

Use the Long tail keyword in URL and create a landing page for those keywords. By doing so we will have the advantage to play with maximum related keywords in Meta tag and content. Suppose we do not have other separate landing pages, in such case we are confined to a particular number of the keyword which can be used in the page in Meta tag and content but in case of multiple landing pages we will have more options to play with a maximum number of keywords in Meta tag and content because different landing pages multiply the usage of keywords and related keywords.

 We need to segregate the related keywords in a different group and on the base of the group we can create different landing pages. Decide two or three main keywords which will be used in meta title, Meta description, and Content. The keyword must be used as per the demand of content. No need to go for keyword stuffing, use the main keywords at several levels as per the requirement of the content. 

Nowadays, the search engine is working on AI, so do not go for keyword stuffing to cheat search engine’ Bot, it will be caught and penalized the site. Insert keywords smartly everywhere so that it can not seem to stuff in term of Bot or user perspective.

4. Title of the landing page

The title must have the main keyword, it matters a lot for getting rank in top. So do not go for hanky-panky title to make your article good for the linguistic purpose. Think different, be smart in using these keywords. Take an example, suppose we have a very good product by design and quality if, it is not shown to customers then what is the use of it. So irrespective of good content and good heading if it is not displayed in search, our work will be go unrecognized.

5. Body of the page

The body of the page mainly consists content, image, infographic, video, testimonials, review and many more. Make sure to implement keywords at every place smartly and must be a frame in such way that it seems it is required for content. The flow should not be broken to implement keywords. Be smart otherwise these days AI is smarter to catch us.

6. LSI keywords

The content of the page must have proper keyword insertion strategy and must be repeated properly without stuffing. The frequency of keywords also plays a significant role in ranking the page but it must not be stuffing. Avoiding keywords stuffing is good for AI-based Bot perspective and for user perspective. Here we must use the latent semantic keywords for the focus keywords to get the attention of search engine.

LSI keywords are substantiated by main keywords. Ex. if the search engine finds the word apple then how it decides whether it is Apple brand or Fruit? If an article talks about taste, fruit, juice etc then it takes it as fruit, else if the article is having technical words the Bot thinks it is a Brand.

8. PA and DA

Domain and Page authority plays a crucial role in deciding the rank of a page. It requires time and continuous efforts for a long-term perspective digital marketing strategy. The question arises, how to increase DA and PA in starting? 

I explained above that it is a separate topic for discussion.But here I am going to highlight few points only - proper on-page optimization, Good and niche referral, the speed of the site, the age of the site and finally user experience decide the DA and PA. There are many more other things which help to increase the DA and PA of the website.

9. Image

ALT tag

The ALT tag must be the keyword. It helps in image search and SEO too.

Image optimization

The quality of image and size also matter for ranking a page on top. When sites are widely searched on mobile then image plays an important role.Off-Page optimization techniques

1. Referral

Referral has become very vital in cut-throat competition time. Referral must come from same and relevant fields, not from tom dec and harry. The search engine looks for niche referral rather the number of referral for the page. And at the same time good and relevant referral also increases visitors to the page.

2. Backlinks

Most of us think that backlink is not more relevant as far as ranking is a concern. It is totally wrong, backlink still plays an important role in ranking of our page. Search Engine gives weight to niche segment backlinks not the number of backlinks.

Take an example suppose there are two hospital A and B, A is referred by 100 Professors and B is referred by 10 Doctors. So, as a human being which we would believe A or B? definitely B. Now the picture is clear, think practical, do not just follow the blog. I do not say any need to read the blog, by reading different blogs we get immense information but when we need to implement be practical and smart.

3. Social media optimization

Presence on different social media and active participation at different social media platforms gives a positive signal to search engine. Active participation in user interaction is being considered by the Search Engine Bots and take into the count for the ranking of the page. Create community and group for users and initiate discussion and participation. Be present on related community and groups and participate in the discussion.

4. Through paid campaign

The paid campaign helps to get on top in the SERP for short period of time. As for the first set of keywords ie high volume and highly competitive, paid campaign helps to get the visitors which will help to build the authority of the site for those keywords. In case of other set keywords too paid campaign helps to get the visitors initially. Once we get a good number of visits and authority for the keywords it will help us in overall rank. The paid campaign is helpful for short term and long term too.

5. User experience optimization

This I have put at last but it is the most important aspect of getting rank and continue with that ranking in long term. As I discussed in very starting of the article about the basic of marketing is the most and important factor ie user experience. If your user is satisfied it means they will spend more time on your page, navigate to more pages so bounce rate will be less. This gives a great positive signal to search engine that this site and page is more relevant and good for the user. 

Now your job is over, it will surpass all other ranking factors and secondly, it will help you to hold your position longer because copying this is not easy but copying digital marketing techniques is easy. As I discussed how to copy competitors techniques in competitor analysis. For detail about this aspect read there is only one technique to get success in the field of digital marketing. I do not say do not use the predefined digital marketing techniques, but dare to challenge default. Make all your digital marketing strategies user-centric, believe you will get more result than expected.


The best digital marketing strategy for getting top rank for keywords is getting all-digital aspects in order first, once everything is in order then have a head-on collision with the leader for top-rank in the SERP. Here I mean to say, first take low volume keywords, use all above-mentioned techniques and start getting visitors to your site. 

Give visitors a good experience on your site by providing good design, relevant and update content and by many other means. Which will increase the authority of the site? Now we are ready to have a direct competition with the big player's. Thanks to digital marketing for providing a level playing platform for all irrespective of how big or small or irrespective of geography. how big or small or irrespective of geography.