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Best UX & UI mobile experience

Best UX & UI mobile experience

Wednesday July 25, 2018,

5 min Read

Do you see everyone around you using their smartphones without catching a break? Do you see their heads lifting up from their chest for even a second? I think not! Why is that? What makes their smartphone experience so worth the neck pain that they are willing to risk? Marketers and developers have understood the key to grabbing their users’ attention and keep it with them for long and that is by delivering the best UX /UI in mobile applications. With everyone going online and using on the go services, mobile applications have become big and they continue to become bigger with time.


According to experts today mobile apps have become the need of the hour. They have risen from the category of luxury, moved over from the comfort zone and turned into a necessity. They are vital and are considered mainstream now. But what makes them so popular? The fact that they deliver quality services to mobile users and efficiently cater to their needs makes them so popular. To make sure your users remain stuck to your app and loyal to your offerings, you need to maintain your mobile apps and their design and user experience so that it becomes nearly impossible for them to ditch it. Start with the following mobile app design hacks and you are sorted:

You want a highly responsive app design

You just can’t compromise on this at any cost. Designing a robust mobile app is not as simple as beating cake batter for your birthday. You have to focus on making your business app highly responsive. Why is that? By making it responsive across different platforms and devices you can easily engage your users spread across platforms and needless to mention that the application interface will appear as if it was made for the screen it is being displayed on. You can overcome any and all content display related issues which a website often encounters with mobile devices. So, make sure that your app is scalable and still remains highly responsive to the various screens and devices they are being deployed from.

Uniqueness all the way

This doesn’t really have to mean that your app design is so unique that it is rendered difficult to use or becomes cumbersome to handle with a single hand. The icon, for example, has to be unique and eye-catching and your user should be able to differentiate it from the crowd. This builds up anticipation from the interface that they will get. 

Experts suggest that an appealing and attractive icon design is something that directly impacts the user interaction and number of app downloads as well. Don’t forget to focus on your app’s logo but to be famous among your users if you are going the same as the leaders have gone, you could be in for a shock. Imitation is not going to be well received by your users. They look for distinctiveness and uniqueness and you will have to deliver on this front.

Keep the content crisp

If you want to make your mobile app UI and UX memorable and exemplary you have to follow this one simple rule. Always remember that the text & design of your application goes hand in hand. This means that your content and written words should work to make the design of the app easy to understand. Avoid using fancy phrases and cut down the app content to something more meaningful and shorter.

Enhanced accessibility makes for the perfect mobile UX

Make it easier for your users to access your mobile app contents. If you don’t pay attention to the interface of your app, it will not be finger-friendly and the eventual design will fail. You have to leave enough space and make room for all the elements of the app at the same time so that every tap of the user gets registered without any delay or misfire. Everything from play button or subscribe key to the CTA button should be clean and precise.

Attract your users with colors and themes

Make your app beautiful. Make sure that the colours you pick are pleasant and the design you choose is attractive and user-friendly. Remember, you can’t win over your customers based on just its usefulness. The app has to be very appealing and attractive to be a hit with them. This is why the app colours and themes are important. They provide increased click-through rates and enhance the overall UI and UX of your mobile app.

What are the latest app trends?

User interfaces and end-user experiences will continue to evolve and along with them our way of perceiving and achieving them as well. As a mobile app developer, there is no other way than embracing the trending UI design tactics if you want to keep your users glued to your app and remain loyal to your brand.

Final words

Do remember, the mobile app design hacks that you just read are not going to be permanent solutions to your mobile app woes. For now, they can easily define what your users are expecting from you. You can understand what they demand and how they want the services to be delivered. But trends keep on changing. They are relevant now. They will fetch results at the moment but will they be as effective in the future as well? Hard to tell really! But for now, all you have to know is that by implementing these you can provide your users with what they want & stay on top of upcoming app designing trends as well.

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