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How to get your first 1000+ targeted Facebook Fan likes in a month on a low budget

4 important factors for  building a relevant and fast growing Facebook community.

How to get your first 1000+ targeted Facebook Fan likes in a month on a low budget

Sunday May 28, 2017,

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Social media is no more a fad. Experts believe it to stay and it is expected that the digital media ad spent by companies will cross TV ad spend by 2017. In 2016, US digital ad spending saw reaching $72.09 billion, while TV spending will grew to $71.29 billion. 

Facebook on Mobile

Facebook on Mobile

Companies and startups are confused on how to use this media to their advantage as it's not just an Ad pushing platform and building a community seems like a tedious task for management, especially as organic reach of messages published on these platforms are on a downhill. 

Two main reasons for same are content shock situation where in more content is being produced and pegged for the user to interact with, hence increasing competition and the other reason being Facebook becoming more selective in pushing content that they believe would be relevant to their users.

Either ways getting more targeted, engaged users to your message and funneling them into page likes is more challenging than ever today. But there is no questions on the benefits of having a fan base following on Facebook for your brand, as it helps your brand becoming a part of life of your targeted users and hence making them, then follow your call to action, that helps overcome business challenges.

Here are top 4 ways to growth hack your way to build 1000+ Facebook fans in a month and carry the momentum forward:

1. Define Your Audience

If you don't know them, you won't be able to connect with them. Personification of your ideal customer is important. It helps you know their content consumption behaviour and patterns that would ultimately help your brand form a relation with the targeted group of audiences.

Define your audience selecting geographies where your business operations are on or is about to launch. Follow certain ideal Facebook profiles and mark what they like and share on the media. It would give you a real-time picture of what your targeted audience is interested in and also gives you an insight on different ways to position your brand for higher recall.

This would help you create a relevant Ad set for targeting potential customers on Facebook.

2. Crafting and positioning your Content strategy: 

After defining your potential audience second step includes crafting a content strategy. Always follow the 80/20 rule for better results i.e, 80% content should be a value add to your audience and only 20% should be related to your product/service sales and/or presentation. 

Your content must educate and provide infotainment to your targeted audience. Your posts must be shareable. That means it must relate to your audience, be snack-able and informative. 

Select at-least 4 broad categories of content that you find related to your audience group and turn up as a source for it through your page.

3. Paid Distribution Support:

As organic reach on Facebook declines more than 1%, your paid strategy gains importance. But it is a blessing in disguise. Having a clear Ad set defined under Facebook business manager ensures that you reach selected and qualified audience framing a long term relationship with them. 

An ad set for a city ideally must entail 2,50,000 to 6,00,000 active potential profile reach, depending on the area and population density of the place.

A well defined Ad set and an effective content strategy ensures you get relevant messages delivered to targeted audience in routine hence making them more prone to accept your page like invite, ones they regularly start engaging with your posts. 

4. Content Curation - Consistency:

To reach this goal of 1000+ Facebook fan page likes it is important that you become the entity that defines what those groups will chant and even talk about online. The most sure-shot way of doing that is creating and implementing a sound content curation strategy. 

It is not like copying someone's ideas and publishing as your own but becoming a medium to get those relevant messages in front of your audience in a way, they get updated on it and appreciate your efforts while doing so. 

Here are a few examples below:

Viral - Post on Parallel Page

Viral - Post on Parallel Page

Viral Post on Parallel

Viral Post on Parallel

Always do send page like invites to the people who engage on your page to get maximum like return ratio. 

It is also important to note that your profile details are filled in properly and your audience get a clear reason to follow you. For eg:

Cover picture 

Cover picture 

I hope this information would be of help to you and help you grow initial 1000+ Facebook fan likes to diversify from.