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How to choose a digital marketing agency

Monday November 21, 2016,

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Many have a asked me how you would choose the right marketing agency because all will make their first line of mistakes in choosing the right marketing agency, one factor we must all accept is all marketing agency have their area of expertise and area were they lack skills hence if they are good in online marketing does not mean they are god in offline marketing too.

In my years of experience in field i have seen lot of marketing guys lose their job because they could not find the right marketing agency for the product or company they are working, some will invest their trust in wrong marketing agency and lose their business.

Whenever we have a product which is new or related we should check since mostly all companies don’t have an allergy for revenue so they always want more, eve in to things which they have no clue on what they are doing.

When you are planning to select an agency try to check out their website, before you speak with their sales person, often we find an agency will show their core competencies or expertise in their website but will not post their weakness in website. Always try to use their core competencies as the guide for deciding on the right agency.

If you are looking for agency like us ,we are in to branding and designing and seo/smo which are our core competencies, we too have mentioned same in our .likewise try to check their website ,way in which they have presented themselves ,number of pages ,color of page ,how responsive site they are having also try to check out the organic reviews their social pages and previous client details to understand better whether they are the right Digital marketing agency .which will cater to your product or website.

The process of choosing an outstanding digital marketing agency in Kerala, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi etc should be same as selecting a permanent staff, the relationship is may be vary but the selection criteria are similar. Before engaging a digital marketing agency you should considered the following details:

• Your project budget

• The specific issues you want them to solve

• How you will measure their success

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