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7 quick tips for buying a new mattress

One of the main reasons that people put off buying a new mattress is that they’re afraid to making a mistake, and for good reason; mattresses are expensive and if you do make a mistake you have to live with it for a long time.

Wednesday June 28, 2017,

4 min Read

What should I look for when choosing a mattress? Which factors matter when choosing the correct mattress? Have you faced questions like these? I have tried to provide you with few answers in this article.

I have compiled a set of 7 tips that can definitely help you make an educated choice to know more about buying mattresses.However mattress needs vary from person to person. Lets go indepth about mattresses.

1. Research about mattresses

Before buying a mattress, you need to know the answers to certain questions:

Mattress types – Spring Mattress, Rubberised coir or Foam Mattress

Mattress Density – High in density, Medium or Low density

Firmness Quality – Soft firm, Medium firm or extra firm.

Mattress Size – Before going with the selected mattress you need to measure the exact size of your bed furniture properly. Tally with the size chart on the online store to make sure that you are buying one that’ll fit your mattress furniture.

Budget Range – You may look more options on your suitable budget that ranges online and then compare the feature of the mattresses before selecting one.

Also, have a word with your doctor. If you have any health issues on sleeping, then get the possible solution from the out what the medical practitioner recommends. Some mattresses may have labels like orthopaedic, medically approved. These may not be completely authentic. Those mattresses may well have some orthopaedic- features but no organisation from medical verified this. So do not get misled.

The more research you do, the better are the chances of you buying the perfect mattress.

2. Test your mattress.

When buying a mattress at a store, you should try to sit or lie on the mattress for at least a minute to test that comfort. Don’t let the salesman hassle you. 

Online mattress stores do not have the luxury of providing a touch experience, so make sure that you read up all the facts about the mattress you have chosen. Research across websites to make sure you end up with the correct set of facts.

Points to remember:

If you are looking for mattresses for back pain, you will want a firm support mattress that makes comfortable feel. Also, it should suit your sleeping position.

Pillow tops are not suitable for everyone. Over weighted people need comfortable mattress with softer cushion. Whereas, light-weight people may not require that extra layer of comfort.

3. Enquire about trial periods.

Make sure you enquire about any trial period offered by mattress brands before you make a decision. Read and understand the terms and conditions of the Trial period before you purchase. Check whether the store or yourself is responsible for shipping, if it includes a money-back guarantee or an exchange. Also check the time frame for returning the mattress, so that you can test over the given time period. 

4. Warranty

Always look into the warranty and find out what is covered in that. Make sure you read and understand the warranty conditions thoroughly and safeguard against violating any of them as this may render the warranty void. Generally, a warranty covers manufacturing defects which will likely reveal itself within a year.

5. Coverup your mattress asset.

Purchasing a mattress is an investment. Prevent stains and seepage into the mattress by using a waterproof curtains into the mattress. Because that affects your mattress warranty.

6. Read the fine print

Every store offers different policies regarding trial periods, warranty, returns etc. These policies are generally glossed over. Do not get caught unawares in the fine print regarding the above points.

7. Set a Budget

Research mattress prices in online so that you can decide on a budget. Keep a buffer price, either lower or higher. Knowing and fixing a price can make your choice easier when you are shopping. Cheaper need not always be better. Make sure it is a quality product that you are purchasing as you will be using this mattress for the next few years. Buy the best mattress that is within your budget.