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4 simple ways to enhance your management skills and become a good leader

4 simple ways to enhance your management skills and become a good leader

Saturday March 11, 2017,

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Being a leader could be a very tough and stressful job. It also takes quite some time to perfect your skills and become a good leader.

Like with everything else, you require knowledge and practice to achieve best results and to become very good at what you do.

There is much more involved in being a leader than just having a high ranking job and being in charge of a team. There is a big difference in being a boss and being a leader.

Having the authority of telling people what to do won’t mean much if you have ineffective management skills and are not able to guide and motivate your staff to reach goals.

If you are already working in management, you probably have what it takes and are on the right path to become a good leader.

The following are some simple ways that will help you enhance your management skills. You might also want to check the infographic for additional tips.


1. Connect, communicate and listen

To be able to lead a group of people you need to establish a mutual trust and understanding in the first place. It is proven that people are keener to follow someone they trust.

Listen to your team and build a personal connection with them. Show them humanity and compassion.

Focus on what they have to say without interrupting or allowing any other distraction. Don’t always do the talking; give them the chance to express themselves, and to ask questions. Ask them about their opinion.

Once you achieved a connection and established trust, they will be motivated to perform and achieve goals.

2. Know your team

Once you are able to easily communicate and connect with your team, get to know them personally as individual people.

Remember, they are not just little soldiers programmed for doing a job. Value them as individuals. Find out what they like, what their interests are.

It is helpful to know their strengths and weaknesses. Use your knowledge to help them improve and develop themselves.

A good leader will always recognize the good work of a team member. Let them know they have done a good job and motivate them to keep up the excellent work.

Show that you care about your people; they will take care of the business and customers. If your employees are happy, the business will benefit from it. A successful business will be proof that you are doing a good job leading your team.

3. Stay positive but remain realistic

Finding the balance between keeping a positive approach and still being realistic is one of the greatest challenges leaders are faced with.

Being positive doesn’t just mean saying that everything will be good, because realistically you know that every business at some stage encounters some difficulties or challenges.

What is important is to keep a positive approach in a tricky situation and try to use what you have available to your advantage. Turn the situation around and even in a challenging situation keep the spirits of the team up reassuring them that together you will be able to succeed.

Be a role model

Actions speak louder than words! Good leaders don’t just preach their way, they show the way. They complement their words with actions to inspire trust and admiration.

It is good to talk to your team about behavior and values, but it is even better if you show them yourself the behavior and values you would like them to adopt.