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6 ways to leverage your Facebook business page

There are various ways to maximize the benefits of a business. And there is no need of paying hefty advertisement fees as the small businesses could access Facebook to promote their business pages. Advertisement indulges in gulping of huge money , which many a times doesn’t seem feasible, so Facebook is an alternative to save such costs.Below are the 6 ways to maximise the benefits or to leverage your Facebook business page :-

Wednesday June 21, 2017,

4 min Read

Below are the 6 ways to maximise the benefits or to leverage your Facebook business page :-

• Link the Facebook business page to your main website or by making Facebook feel the online presence:- even if one doesn’t have a website yet , there is no need to issue . Many small businesses use Facebook as a platform to make their presence felt online. And while doing promotions, one has to make sure that he is promoting the particular business rather than promoting the social media site itself. You can promote your brand by registering a domain name or a web address and redirect the particular domain name to your Facebook page (i.e., web forwarding). There is also a provision where the owner can make a rule that the visitors be directed to the web location of your choice . by making such a rule or redirecting gives a permanent company web address to use the same for marketing. According to the reports, between the quarters of 2014-2015 , redirecting of pages increased by 21%. While having a website the owner or the administrator of the page shall make sure that he includes a sharing button so that the people who find it suitable or significant may share the same on different platforms to further promote the brand.

• Relevant content should be shared:- such a platform should not just be used for sharing basic information instead the administrator or the owner of the page should also include all the relevant information such as the latest news or upcoming events and schemes , upload relevant pictures of milestones, celebrations or can also share links that basically support the business page as such. And it shall also make sure that the information must be correct to the best of the knowledge and shall not be overloaded as well .

• The administrator of the page shall interact with the customers: - the page shall shall be made interactive i.e., there should be conversation between the customers and the business owner. Thus it is not practicably possible to reply to every messages but should, whenever needed. And one should reply to the issues made by the customers, the theme is to keep the customers happy and satisfied at the same time.

• The owners should create or host an event:- the business pages should make or create special offers like discounts and scratch cards or coupons which can be redeemed by the customers. The owners should also create offers in relevance to that, like send invitations . And through that one can make sure or have an idea of people who is interested in attending an event and who is not. The owner can get a general idea by making invitations , that who all would be making to your invitations.

• Most significant part is Advertisement :- as nowadays most of the people are spending most of their times on social media , especially youngsters, so it is better to advertise the channel . As even garnering ads gives the opportunity to promote the business for a sum of amount. One can also issue advertisements in the pages at minimal costs as low as Rs.360. It basically helps in expanding or making business awareness. There are various factors which can be looked upon to achieve the targets such as :- Behaviour , location , demographics , connections and interests. After overlooking such factors then the companies can decide to where to place the ads and they can also track the performances and the owners should also optimise the content that does well.

• The most important rule of marketing i.e., Measure performance : the most fundamental rule of marketing is to know and analyse the audiences. There is feature called as Facebook insights which gives you a basic idea of who your followers are and also lets you know about their basic details such as age , gender , location etc., , how often do they visit your profiles , the list of people who have liked , shared and commented on your profiles. This would definitely improve engagements with your customers and future decisions as well.

All of the above are the strategies which one can imply so as to leverage your Facebook business page and it would be suitable to all the small business owners and administrators of such business pages.

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