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Best tools for WhatsApp business marketing campaigns in 2018

Latest promotion strategies on WhatsApp Business Marketing & useful tools.

Best tools for WhatsApp business marketing campaigns in 2018

Wednesday February 28, 2018,

7 min Read

Credits: DigitalVidya

Credits: DigitalVidya

If you are a business owner of a small business, or may be you are operating a huge enterprise. WhatsApp recently in January announced it's WhatsApp Business App to a selective markets such as Italy, Mexico, Indonesia, and United States, India and UK. With this announcement it allows any business to start utilizing WhatsApp as a marketing channel into their overall marketing strategy. To even further integrate WhatsApp as part of an e-commerce eco-system, WhatsApp also released WhatsApp Payments in India integrating UPI as payment option in beta version.

 This surely marks the importance of WhatsApp's overall strategy to lead WhatsApp as another marketing channel for majority of the business advertisers available online and on mobile.

But, the first major issue that most of the marketers today face is getting more subscribers into their WhatsApp Business app. And secondly, creating engagement using it's native app so that they can monetize their list, have continuous communication, and be able to generate more income, revenue, and growth by utilizing WhatsApp as a business communication tool.

Like most of the business owners, I have tried several marketing & automation tools related to WhatsApp marketing. Also, with the invent of several other new tools that have emerged into WhatsApp marketing ecosystem it really helps brands, agencies, and large enterprises to expand their reach to a much larger audience in the quickest way possible. Unfortunately, these are the only unofficial marketing applications & tools which can help support the growth & help you utilize WhatsApp as a marketing tool to grow your business and help promote your product or service you intend to offer via WhatsApp.

 Today majority of the social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube and various others allows you to re-market, re-target, and expand your reach to a larger audience simply by paying for the advertisement. 

But, on WhatsApp. You can't do that. WhatsApp doesn't sell advertisement on it's platform. 

Infact, WhatsApp has made it clear from the very starting that they won't be looking to integrate any sort of advertisement option inside it's platform.

So, here's the list of top third party applications, tools, software, script, and services and several other solutions & resources available for anyone to start promoting their WhatsApp Business app to expand their marketing list using WhatsApp as a marketing channel:


Now, there are plenty of desktop based tools, web based scripts, and also different kinds of WhatsApp marketing services that are available to run WhatsApp marketing promotions for any kind of advertising or branding campaigns.

Here's a list of some famous & top rated WhatsApp marketing software, tools, scripts and services available for running WhatsApp marketing activities.

NOTE: Different tools have different functionalities, and you need to decide on your own which tool satisfies your marketing needs.

1. WhatsApp Bulk Sender

2. WA Panel

3. WA Bulk Panel

4. Bulk WhatsApp Sender

5. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

6. WhatsApp Dominator

7. WA Bulk Sender

8. Blaster Bulk Sender

9. WhatsApp Software


In order to operate any kind of WhatsApp marketing tool, you will require virtual or local SIM card based numbers so that you can start utilizing them to market to your target list of prospects, clients & customers. You can source these mobile numbers from various vendors operating to provide these numbers in large quantity. Mostly, all these vendors provide you with minimum 1000 WhatsApp activated numbers which are known to be WhatsApp channels. You can ask these vendors for free trial of these channels in order to test them into the tool that you will be using to run your promotions.

Here's a list of top vendor for finding WhatsApp Channels generated automatically. Note, some vendors also provide 3rd party API for registering these numbers on WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Channels

2. Bulk WhatsApp Channels

3. WAPanel's WhatsApp Channels

4. BulkWhatsAppMarketing's WhatsApp Channels

5. BulkWhatsAppSender's WhatsApp Channels

6. WhatsAppMarketingService's WhatsApp Channels

7. WhatsApp Marketing's WhatsApp Channels


In case, you don't want to handle the hassle of operating your own WhatsApp marketing campaign. And are completely fine if someone else operates your marketing campaigns on your set of targeted database. Then, you can get WhatsApp marketing & promotional service from any of these well known WhatsApp Service providers below. Note: These are some of the famous one's even though there are new providers providing similar services. This list is unbiased.

1. WhatsApp Marketing Service .com

2. WhatsApp-Marketing Services

3. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service

4. Bulk WhatsApp Sender Service

5. WhatsApp Marketing Service UK


If you are just getting started with WhatsApp Marketing. Then, welcome! Because just like any kind of new marketing channel that emerges on the web. You need to get yourself educated on the latest marketing strategies that can be applied while trying your hands into WhatsApp marketing. Here's a list of resources, and articles that can be helpful not only making you understand how WhatsApp marketing works, but also help you become an expert and applying some powerful marketing strategies that are being applied by experienced WhatsApp marketing experts.

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There have been many articles getting posted recently related to WhatsApp & how it's the next big thing in 2018. But, it's a fact. Nothing compares to the power that WhatsApp as a mobile marketing tool can provide to any marketer, brand or agencies. WhatsApp is the only mobile app that can give you access to your target market without having them to like, follow, or friend you on your social media accounts.

And using the list of resources I have provided you in this article. Your search for marketing via WhatsApp should get over. And get you kick start WhatsApp marketing before your competition does.

I truly feel WhatsApp will bring out a lot more features in the coming months which will allow marketers to utilize it as a new marketing channel and grow their business by giving access to direct one to one chat with your prospects, clients & customers.

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