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How robotic vacuum cleaners are gaining prevalence in residential sectors

How robotic vacuum cleaners are gaining prevalence in residential sectors

Tuesday April 25, 2017,

3 min Read

Robotic vacuum cleaners are being accepted by the world for residential usage over the past few years. In the developed countries, automated cleaning by using vacuum cleaners was a common view. However, in developing countries this was considered as a mere luxury. The use of vacuum cleaners, nowadays, has become a need. Consumers across developing economies are constantly searching for advanced technology, automated, and convenient tools & equipment for all the household works such as washing clothes, dishwashing, and cleaning the house. Brilliant features offered by these tools & equipment such as self-charging, room mapping, and laser vision are helping to support the growing busier lifestyle of urban population.

Increasing Concerns on Health and Hygiene Expected to Fuel the Market Growth

Introduction to robotics technology has boosted the innovation in residential vacuum cleaner designs for several years. The residential robotic vacuum cleaners have depicted higher traction over the past few years, as compared to outdoor vacuum cleaners. Future Market Insights (FMI), in its report, has provided a detailed analysis on residential robotic vacuum cleaners market. According to FMI’s report, the global residential robotic vacuum cleaner market is projected to register a double digit CAGR of 12%. This market is expected to witness an impressive growth and is expected to reach revenues worth US$ 2,475 Mn by 2021.

Global Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market By Revenues<br>

Global Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market By Revenues

Rising urbanisation is primarily influencing the growth in demand for residential robotic vacuum cleaners across the globe. Increasing inclination of consumers towards automated cleaning devices is further propelling the growth of the global residential robotic vacuum cleaners market. People around the world are concerned about the hygiene and their health, keeping these at top priority, even among developing economies. In addition, increasing prevalence of asthma has been fuelling the demand for vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA filters. This is further driving the growth of the global residential robotic vacuum cleaners market.

Increasing Innovations in Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are driving their Demand for Residential Use

Top-notch functionality and exceptional performance are further enhancing the popularity of robotic vacuum cleaners. Advanced vacuum cleaners such as bag-less, compact machines are some other factors instrumenting the market growth. Suggesting immense innovation in vacuum cleaning industry, some models with advanced technology possess UV sterilisation, based on robotics technology.

Rising introduction to innovative products such as vacuum cleaners comprising spinning brushes, security cameras, and UV sterilisation are foreseen to influence the market growth. Discovery of stair-climbing robotic cleaner is expected to create some lucrative growth opportunities for the market. iRobot Corporation, in 2015, introduced an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner comprising visual localisation, in-built adaptive navigation, and connected app control, designed for enhanced efficiencies on carpets. Such innovations and developments are likely to propel the market growth in the near future.

U.S and Europe- Lucrative Markets for Residential Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

The United States and Europe are considered to be the two lucrative markets for the growth of the market owing to high disposable incomes of people, availability of advanced devices and technologies, and huge focus on household cleaning & maintenance. The potential of the market growth is been characterised by the increasing number of market players, who focus on expansion of their product portfolio. These organisations have been providing resources for developing innovative equipment with advanced features. LG Electronics, Neato, Xiaomi, Aztech, Husqvarna, Miele, Infinuvo, and Moneual are some leading companies who have already acquired a firm foothold in the market.

For more insights into the global residential robotic vacuum cleaner market, Future Market Insights’ recent market study can be referred. The detailed excerpts of the report outlook are available on request.