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Top 5 Drupal Development Companies Globally

Top 5 Drupal Development Companies Globally

Thursday October 11, 2018,

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It’s never too late to do your part of a research and share something worth and insightful. Recently, founder and lead developer of the Drupal CMS Dries Buytaert published a blog post, titled Who sponsors Drupal development? (2017-2018 edition), where he discussed thoroughly the companies sponsoring and engaging in Drupal services. Well, FYI, this is not the first time he shared insights on Drupal.org's commit data. He has been doing the same from last two years. The other two editions are 2016-2017 and 2015-2016.

Therefore, we thought of compiling a list of top five Drupal development companies ranking consistently in the top 10 from the past two years, as per the Dries’ post. In this post, we will try to compile the information from various sources and find out why these companies stand out. This post aims to help you to find the right partner for your Drupal projects. For those, who are not well aware of Drupal CMS, they can refer Drupal.org or a brief on Drupal 8.

Below is the list of companies that are making consistently in top 10 from the last three years:

Note: The list is as per the company’s strength.

Top 5 Drupal Development companies
Table 1: Top 5 Drupal Development companies

Other Drupal development companies like Chapter three, Mediacurrent, who couldn’t make in our list of top 5, but have been major players are as in table 2. We have also mentioned their ranks as per the Dries' yearly analysis.

Other Top Drupal companies
Table 2: Other Top Drupal companies


Co-founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson in 2007, Acquia is one of the most popular and leading Drupal development company in the world. The company, which is based out of Massachusetts, provides enterprise products, services, and technical support for Drupal. It has nearly 800 employees and around ten full-time Drupal contributors.

In his post, Dries said, “Acquia works to resolve some of the most complex issues on Drupal.org, many of which are not recognized by the credit system (e.g. release management, communication, sprint organizing, and project coordination).”

Well, this can be one of the reasons why Acquia tops our list. With offices in Asia-Pacific, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the company has worked with several world-class organizations (private and public) including U.S. Department of Energy, Verizon Wireless, Al Jazeera - Dynamic International Content, The Weather Channel (weather.com), the State of Georgia among others.


Focused on Enterprise CMS, decoupled Drupal, 3rd party integration, Drupal migration, and open source software development, Valuebound is one of the key players in the Drupal web development services provider. Based out of New York with a development center in India, the company provides a range of services to solve the key challenges in media & publishing, e-commerce, and hi-tech industry.

Valuebound, which has been working extensively on Drupal 8 from early beta release days, has worked with several world-class organization namely Time Inc., Cypress Semiconductor, FarmJournal Media, CommonFloor, and others.

From the last three years, Valuebound is consistently making in the list of top 10 Drupal development company with 564 commits (2018 edition). The company also actively engages in Drupal community activities like attending and sponsoring comp and conducting training to give back to the community.


Australia-based PreviousNext makes third in our list of top five companies contributing code to Drupal 8. Founded in 2009, the company has worked with several customers to provide user-centered design, open source software development and cloud hosting services and others. Clients are Transport for NSW, Brisbane City Council, The Department of Communications - Australian Government, and others.

In 2017-18, PreviousNext has 596 Drupal.org commit credits, up from 478 credits the year before. Earlier in August 2015, the company merged with a Perth-based Drupal firm Code Drop.

Commerce Guys

Founded in 2008, Commerce Guys is based out of the US with offices in Canada, France, and the US. The company has 1051 Drupal.org commit credit, up from 696 credits the year ago. In August 2011, Commerce Guys launched Drupal Commerce - an open source eCommerce software that augments the Drupal - under the leadership of Ryan Szrama.

Drupal integrated with Drupal commerce offers unprecedented results that are highly secure, stable, create engaging web experiences and drive website traffic. The platform, currently, powers more than 60,000 sites of all types such as URBANY’s, Lush, Olsson & Gerthel, Fooda, Eurocentres, and others.

Earlier, in 2014, Commerce Guys release a cloud hosting solution, called Platform.sh, which later in 2016 became an independent entity.

MD Systems

Founded in 2000 by Miro Dietiker, MD Systems is the most active Switzerland-based contributor. The company, which has 591 Drupal.org commit credits, made fifth in our list of top 5 Drupal development companies. Earlier, in 2016-17, MD Systems ranked second (1,039 commit credits) in the list of the top 30 contributing organizations. Operating from its Zurich office, it works with some high-class organizations (public and private) like UNICEF, Microsoft, Bynder, and MediaCommons among others.

In addition, the company also engages in community activities like organizing and sponsoring CodeSprints and Drupal events.

Hope this list will help you to find out the best Drupal web development partners for your next project. It's always suggested to connect directly with the team to find out their strategies and learn more about them. If you are planning to outsource your Drupal project, you better have a look at the company profile and a few other criteria such as

  • A range of software services a company offers
  • Domain expertise
  • Software quality and professional approach
  • Acquia certified Drupal developers
  • Project delivery process
  • Flexibility and contracting practices
  • Location and time zones


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