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Making Everyday Words Positive

The words we use make a huge impact on how we perceive things and how people receive them.  More positive they are, better is our communication.

Friday December 16, 2016,

2 min Read

Positive words and vibes can change the way you think and perceive things. They get the "pushing centres" in the brain to motivate you better and help you be resilient. It's vice versa for negative words, which help you stress more for the simple reason that we as humans are hardwired to worry more.

We could replace a few words in our everyday use and make life more positive and stress-free -

'Sounds Good' instead of 'Why Not?'

'Definitely' instead of 'No Problem'

'Everything is going well' instead of 'Can't Complain'

If you carefully look the words that are being suggested not to be used contain a 'negative word' and in turn affect the way on how we look and perceive things. Be it personal talks or written communication the same feeling is carried forward. Ex - When we use words like 'problem', 'impossible' or 'unfortunately' in our emails, the person receiving it has already pushed you into a negative zone in their mind. If they could be replaced with 'positive words' they help you convey your message better.

The person we are is a sum of vibes that we perceive and generate. While it's hard for a person to control what the other person is feeling, the better we make others feel, always comes back to us.

For entrepreneurs and startups, it's a very important thing to note especially when they are pressurised under such situations. When there are huge expectations and VC money at stake, managers tend to show less empathy to their workers. Ex - If a new idea is to be launched and the team working on it which doesn't impress you with their draft, don't rush in to type the words 'Constructive Criticism' instead label it as 'Healthy Portions of Compliments'. Maybe this could be the push to re-group, work harder and come up with a better draft.

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