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Its time for buying affordable apartments in Sarjapur road

Its time for buying affordable apartments in Sarjapur road

Monday September 04, 2017,

3 min Read

Sarjapur road is major location of Bangalore and is a popular residential area for many reasons. One, the airport is accessible from here: a short drive using the Outer Ring Road (ORR). Another reason is its close proximity to other famous residential sites like the Whitefield, which has resulted in the residential area development along the Outer Ring Road.

Given the fact that the area saw tremendous infrastructure development around it, many new builders were quick to realise the opportunity, and soon there was an active construction of flats, apartments for sale in Sarjapur road. Today, many leading city developers and national property players have stepped up their presence and are actively participating in the growth story of residential occupancy in Sarjapur road.


It is fast emerging as an affordable apartments destination, away from the stuck city life. City residents are shifting focus to newer locations and Sarjapur road, is catching the attention among the mid-segment home buyers, with flats available at an average price range of Rs 4000-4800 per sq ft.

Considering the recent developments in the area, it is a very workable option for many software executives who seek respite from the difficult life in Bangalore now. Yet, the biggest plus is its close proximity to the main portion of the city and other areas in North Bangalore, cutting through the ORR. Many reputed and new project developers are stepping up their presence here and offering a value-for-money house deal.

The utility convenience adds further grace to the area. There is everything available in the neighborhood of your residential society and this includes a fully integrated retail and commercial area. Until recently, the whole focus was on Hennur Road and Thanisandra Road in the periphery of ORR and Bellary Road. But now, the prices in these areas have touched the sky and together, the developers and buyers are searching for affordable offers. The focus is on developing the Sarjapur road as the destination to invest in affordable properties and many top developers are doing it already. There is premium construction also happening, for example, many new apartments for sale in Sarjapur road are also being set up.

How long this emerging residential locality and its developers sustain the affordability factor is under a wait and watch mode. At the moment however, there are many new residential units and concepts emerging, with some of the project developers also offering lake-facing units. There are mid-range flats available and depending on your exact requirement, you can really harp on the budgeted life at Sarjapur road. No matter how big or small your house is, you continue enjoying the location benefits and advantages of easy connectivity with retail hubs, the offices and the centre of the city remains intact at every step.