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4 Steps to Follow While Hiring an Expert Front-End Developer

A front-end developer must be an expert in the use of query languages, standard codes, problem solving etc. Learn how you can hire the right candidate for this job.

4 Steps to Follow While Hiring an Expert Front-End Developer

Wednesday February 08, 2017,

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Websites are those beautiful layouts that project a company’s image in front of the online audience. Even you might have come across some amazing websites and thought of having a similar or maybe even a better portal for yourself. The various complexities of a website can only be handled by a developer. You can hire a skilled employee and expect them to create a website that fulfills your requirements. To get a well-designed website launched on the web, you must know how you are to test the technical skills of a prospective web developer.

Below, learn 4 steps that you need to follow to hire an expert front-end developer:

#1 Understand Organizational Requirement First

There are different types of resources available to choose from. You must first be clear-headed about your requirements and then you can decide about the resource that will be suitable for you. The options are as follows:

Casual Employees: If a project doesn’t require a permanent resource allotment, you can think of hiring casual employees. For example, freelancers can be employed whenever a need arises.

Trainees: If you want to have someone who is easy to mould, you can hire interns. Interns are fresh minds and can easily adapt themselves as per your business requirements. With proper training, they can be made efficient for handling future projects.

Permanent Employees: A firm that is planning to build a core team must choose to hire permanent employees.

Contractors: If you don’t want to incur expenses for hiring and training a local team of developers, you can outsource your requirements to contractors.

Once you are certain about your requirements, you can then try to assess the worth of the candidates who appear for the job.


#2 Prepare Tricky Questionnaire

For conducting a good interview, it is important to have a simple yet tricky questionnaire. This would help in understanding the expertise or the intelligence quotient of an interviewee.

A resume may have many qualifications mentioned in it but eventually, it takes only a few questions to decide how meritorious a candidate is. For instance, the JavaScript knowledge of an interviewee can be ascertained through the following 2 questions:

Q.1 Explain functional programming.

The answer should include pure functions with examples. The interviewee must also be able to identify the features that facilitate functional programming.

Q.2 Differentiate between classical inheritance and prototyping.

Along with mentioning the differences, the interviewee must also be able to support the preference for prototypal inheritance.

After they are able to answer the above questions, the interviewee should be made to sit for a system test, which is important to test their coding skills.

#3 Evaluate Coding Skills

Assign them a mini project and give them enough time to complete it. Once they complete the assignment, ask them to make small changes and see how much time they take to implement the changes. Most people will copy the code from the internet in the initial stage itself. Copying the code will pose a difficulty when you ask them to make changes. They’ll take more time and search for a new code, whereas a person with good coding skills will reuse the last code to make the changes. A developer, who knows to reuse their code, is considered to be well aware about code optimization.

#4 Gauge Communication Skills

Communication is the only medium to exchange information. It includes reading, writing, speaking and listening. It is important for experts to communicate information accurately. Therefore, communication skills must also be checked.


The steps mentioned above are what a company should follow for hiring a front-end-developer. If you own a start-up or a small firm, it will be advisable to outsource your website development to a third party. Virtual Employee can offer dedicated resources and make them fully accessible to you. They hire professionals as per client requirements and you can rely on them that they will provide you with qualified resources for handling your project.