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Top 5 things that can help create sustainable future for upcoming architects

Thursday June 01, 2017,

3 min Read

One of the top traits of an upcoming architect is the way she/he admires the curves, shape and body of buildings, imagining what the designer was trying to convey through its shape. Anxious and excited, upcoming architects have an innate hunger for innovation, always ready to create and inspire.

Not once did your architecture school teach you the realities and challenges of being an architect. That no matter how proficient you are at designing, your designs alone are not going to win you new projects and clients.

“The inevitable transition from the practice of architecture to the business of architecture is the most daunting”

The harsh reality is that architects are good designers but mostly not good marketers. They fail to market themselves and stand apart in the rat race. You may be a great designer/architect, drawn to architecture by the romance, its larger-than-life scale, but upon entering the fierce competition, you may find yourself lost like the proverbial sheep. So how do successful architects make it big? Here are top 5 things that can help create a sustainable future for upcoming architects:

1. Create a marketing plan

Architects need to create a personal brand for themselves. This starts with first creating a simple marketing plan and then implementing it to establish the right branding and ultimately get many more projects. Your marketing plan will define your positioning, define niche and based on this, chalk out the communication strategy that will eventually aid in capturing more project leads.

2. Positioning and Niche

Your primary goal should be to become as the go-to place for whatever you are offering and establishing yourself as the expert in your field. People want to do business with someone they know and trust. This is the foundation of any business. A professional website or an online profile will do the trick. As you establish your presence online, you realize that that how critical your positioning is and how clients treat you differently, especially once they view your website or online profile.

3. Niche

Next, determine your niche which you want to focus on. A niche is a tightly defined subcategory or a specialization, and where you have a strong advantage over others. Architecture/interior design is a broad field and by finding a niche, architects are positioning themselves as the go-to place for the specific service.

4. Become an author

Many architects haven’t latched on to the idea that writing a blog is a helpful tool to use. Contrary to common misconceptions, blogging or writing thought-leadership articles boosts your career from micro to macro level. A quality blog sets you apart as an expert in your field. It showcases your knowledge and dedication in the niche and establishes your authority as a credible source of information. It will also help your existing clients, as well as potential ones, gain a better understand your work, which can help develop their loyalty to you. Hence, it is a brilliant way to connect with your customers, peers, and also adds strength to your brand.

5. Learn about the many internet marketing techniques

From SEO to boosting Facebook posts, an architect must leverage the power of digital tools and resources present today. These are powerful ways to enhance presence online a, maximize reach and elevate presence in such a way that everywhere the client goes; they will find information on the architect in the form of articles, reviews, maps, videos and more.

In the present digitalized era, it is architects to outshine and stay ahead. These successful tips will definitely help you build a personal brand, and immensely boost your career.

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