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Awesome ideas for your kid’s first birthday cake

Designer Birthday Cakes

Cartoon characters have been a part and parcel of every child’s childhood memory. These days, these characters have their influence on birthday cakes, especially for kids. The following content will help the readers find the best and stunning top designer cakes for birthdays. Just go through the following suggestions to check out what the online world has for you.

Cartoon Cakes with a Designer Touch

The cakes that kids get today are quite different from the cakes that we use to get about 20 years back in the world of black and white televisions when cartoons were available on national television in B/W mode. Cakes in those times were just a mix of some cake ingredients and simple floral designs on the top of the cake. Thanks to the physical cake stores for a limited cake design option. Now, the scenario has changed completely after the advent of the online cake shops and availability of designer cakes. When cartoon cakes get a designer touch, they get a new form that is mesmerizing and entices all from a distance. Such cakes are a perfect confluence of art, craft, imagination, and mastery over cake making experience. Let’s go through the following lines to know what sorts of birthday cake dotted with cartoon character are ready to a part of your next birthday party.

Winnie the Pooh Designer Birthday Cake

Winnie the Pooh Designer Birthday Cake

The gorgeous Winnie the Pooh cake having a jar of honey in 3D should be right choice for the occasions like first birthdays, baby showers, and cartoon character themed parties. One can make this cake more personal by in-scripting a message of love on the top of the cake.

Minion Designer Birthday Cake

Minion Designer Birthday Cake

You have seen Minion character in the popular movie” Despicable Me.” Now, this adorable character is ready to come to your home to celebrate your birthday. Choose any flavor and let three Minions say happy birthday to you with yellow Minion rings garner the base of the cake.

Disney’s Baloo Designer Birthday Cake

Disney’s Baloo Designer Birthday Cake

A Disney’s Baloo theme cake should be the perfect gift for a Disney fan. Prefer this cake to celebrate birthdays or Disney-themed parties. Find Goofy trying to fly a plane once again and create some ruckus in your house.

Michelangelo designer birthday cake

Michelangelo designer birthday cake

Try this cake option if you are a perfect fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You will find this cake well-garnered. This cake in ½ kg quantity can easily serve about 12-15 people. Don’t forget to personalize the cake with a totally cool message on the top.

Doraemon designer birthday cake

https://yummycake.in/product/doraemon-birthday-cake/" alt="https://yummycake.in/product/doraemon-birthday-cake/" />

Your birthday is not complete if you have not invited Doraemon to your home on your next birthday. Among all cartoon characters, Doraemon with his silly fellow Nobita can give another reason to feel the magic of the cartoon world. A 3-tier cake of this naughty and mischievous character will take things to the next level.

Motu Patlu designer birthday cake

https://yummycake.in/product/motu-patlu-cake/" alt="https://yummycake.in/product/motu-patlu-cake/" />

Like English cartoon characters, desi avatar of Motu Patlu is also ready to entertain you. Bring home a cake exhibiting Motu having lots of cakes and Patlu is solving a problem. With Dr. Jhatka and other lovely characters, these two weird characters will fill your home with happiness.

Conclusion: Designers cakes crafted in images of cartoon characters are a national craze and you can add more colors and sparkle to the ongoing occasion of birthday by having these characters a part of your life. Choose best cake products from the online world and bring a real smile on the face of the kid for whom this cake is meant for. 


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