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How my Instinct turned into a Profession

Sometimes we need to listen closely to the whispers of nature to craft a profession for ourselves. This is my story of how I landed into my entrepreneurial journey of being a Jewellery Designer.

How my Instinct turned into a Profession

Wednesday May 11, 2016,

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The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and actualizer. He can visualize something, and when he visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen. -- Robert L. Schwartz

The days have quickly turned to years of existence and transformation. The journey goes on, but the path is what I want to reflect upon as I ride the wave of entrepreneurship.

We all grow up to learn and believe in science about the 5 senses, yet with time and experience, we develop a sixth sense that grows upon us quite naturally. It is this sense that lead me to a path of being a jewellery designer.

Beyond the world of information, is a magnetic force of energy that attracts things naturally. It is this energy field that I felt a connect with the stones, in their raw, uneven form and shape. Having practiced holistic methods of healing such as Reiki, Pendulum Therapy and Silva Mind Control, I looked at each person and object quite differently. Every person seemed to be nothing but unique energy form, having taken shape of a predictable appearance. Every object, however non living, may appear in its description, is proven to have trapped molecular energy brewing inside. It was an extension of this strong feeling that I found an instant connect with raw natural stones. I did not intend to plan a profession around them, but they helped me connect with myself at a very deep level. Since this connect triggered, I have surrounded myself around the world of stones in various forms and shapes as part of my profession.

It is true that every object/person has a magnetic field of energy. When I allowed myself to be surrounded in this field of energy of stones, I could feel the vibrations touch me to make me feel different about myself. I felt more alive, confident, positive and vocal about my thoughts. I could connect with people in a much more special way. In short many things happened to me, that I wish to spread out to more women who are seeking. This is precisely the reason, StyleAura has a tag line that says... Studio For The Evolved. It's been five years of journey for StyleAura. The work has just began with a curious mind in effort to make women connect with this beautiful world of stones, feel them, fall in love with them, wear them and let the vibrations rejuvenate them in their own special ways.

Each day is a new vision when it comes to designing. Coming up with multiple new design ideas every single day without a repeat is my biggest challenge. Innovation with exclusively requires a spirit that needs to always be elevated to create something exquisite each time. The design line has to get better and better to have the repeat customer be awestruck each time they enter the studio.

Howsoever challenging it may seem to be intrigued with one's own creation, the love and excitement that the walk in customer shares over the end result of design is what pushes me to raise the bar each day.