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Importance of Sales Readiness Program: SMBs

Importance of Sales Readiness Program: SMBs

Thursday January 09, 2020,

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Sales Readiness touches upon all aspects of the sales organization, from designing a sales process to accurately gain pre-defined profits. The sales reps should be familiar with the enterprise industry and its trends for improved revenue. The proper knowledge of how their work affects other processes and customers is the only way to make a salesperson successful. It is essential to understand where you stand right now. The type of industry, experience, tenure, product maturity and market share are some of the other factors for determining the level of your current sales-readiness.

  • 84% of sales training is forgotten within 5 weeks.
  • 55% of the salesmen are more likely to check video lessons than read a document, email or web article.
  • 95% of the SMEs are investing in a sales training program to drive sales productivity.
  • 32% of the sales reps are strongly confident in sales enablement.
  • 22% measure the indirect costs of initiatives.
  • 20% of the performers yield 5 times the impact of training.
  • 40% research content, 70% don’t meet the quota, 80% are sales-ready.

The sales-readiness covers every minute detail from researching the market and selecting the vendor, establishing goals and objectives, organizing team and content to detailing how the organization will execute your vision. A clear plan to set your organization with success comes up with sales-readiness.


Focus on the behaviors needed to succeed:

The irony is that focusing on the results would lead you nowhere. The sales-readiness project identifies the behaviors needed to produce the result. 

Provide more positive feedback than negative:

Once the behaviors are being generated, then point them out and reinforce that behavior when you see it. Build on the behaviors to the results that you’re looking for. Seek more positive feedback than negative.

Provide one-on-one feedback:

Give feedback every time off the field and every chance that you get. This is like a friendly remark to help improve the result. This formal performance review measures the sales readiness approach to the customers.

Agile learning and agile collaboration at work empower reps with learning “ready” in every instance. It also captures other reps and SMEs at the other company. According to the recent research the reps with an approach to combines content, learning and collaboration hit the bottom performer sales team. The top performers empower using various sales collateral and general tips and tricks. The power of the readiness program harnesses the natural learning process which employees undergo every day.

sales readiness assessment

Sales readiness is a combination of content, collaboration, and real-life learning. When it comes to content, there are limited resources companies often face. In this rapidly changing environment, the content should be easily absorbed so that the buyers could engage with the personalized materials in a guided manner. The agile learning approach better understands client questions and responds appropriately. Sales readiness is all about knowledge and skill reinforcement.

An effective sales training program will increase your organization's revenue. Move your sales team on the right performance ball curve. Using sales-readiness assessments allows businesses to overcome internally defined competency thresholds.