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The importance of good sleepwear by Malaika Arora Khan

Ever so often, if not every night, many of us are so tired by the day, laziness gets the better of us and we skip giving thought to what we slip into before we hit the pillow. If we're lucky, we've just about managed to take the day's make-up off, brush our teeth and dive into bed. But do we give much thought to our jammies or sleep shirts? Not really.

The importance of good sleepwear by Malaika Arora Khan

Thursday October 06, 2016,

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Sleepwear for women is just as dynamic as the different women who wear it, but there are a few key areas which all cosy sleepwear, at least in classic styles should mutually tick. They include fabric, cut or silhouette, and details. Paying keen attention when buying women's sleepwear online just these three points help you get a better night's sleep. I promise.


When choosing the right fabric, keep in mind that it should feel just as dreamy when you put it on. For example, if you're not one for the slippery feeling of satin, you won't get a restful night's sleep in those either. And no, tossing and turning is not an option. A good sign of great soft sleepwear is that it helps regulate your body temperature during the course of the night, as this helps you get better sleep. It should also not irritate your skin in the least. For this reason, make cool pure cotton sleepwear, maybe in pure white your best friend.

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This completely natural fabric is lightweight, pliant, and soft to touch and wear. It leaves the skin free of any allergies hence very, very few people are allergic to cotton. Its weave makes this a breathable fabric, thus making it perfect as cosy sleepwear.


After fabric, the next important criteria to keep in mind is the cut and silhouette of your sleep suits or night shirts. Opt for anti-fit cuts in classic styles that don't bind you in any way. When nightwear gets constricting, it makes you uncomfortable and irritated which leads to constant tossing and turning. Also, if you're not happy with the way your sleepwear falls, you're going to be adjusting it even in your sleep. Choose silhouettes that fall straight and to a length you're comfortable with. Go for a size up; this can't do any harm, only good! Having a roomy cotton shirt or cotton pyjama set allows you to stay cosy for the whole night and beyond.

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Sadly, very often the details of cotton pyjama sets for women are overlooked. You want to choose soft sleepwear that has minimal and unassuming details. In the case of buttons, choose shirts that have small press buttons or soft fabric covered ones that blend in easily.

White Cotton Sleep Shirt<br>

White Cotton Sleep Shirt

Skip nightwear that has fanciful lace and frills. Unless they are supremely soft, these trimmings can get hurtful and poky which could lead to your skin getting irritated. When it comes to your jammies, drawstring or elasticized waist options are the most popular. Either can feel great if done right. If you go for drawstring, be sure to check they are soft and not lumpy. Always try them on to see if the drawstring doesn't get tight and has enough give. The same goes for elasticized waistbands. They should slip on & off and sit comfortably and definitely not leave an angry red impression, or any impression at all.

I truly hope this little guide helps you pick the sweetest, softest sleepwear so that you get that fabulous night's sleep, every night!

Cotton Sleep Shirts<br>

Cotton Sleep Shirts