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Do you want to study and work in Australia?

 Study and work in Australia

Do you want to study and work in Australia?

Tuesday July 18, 2017,

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Australia is a high class country having elegant infrastructure and services. The country has globally recognised educational system. Many students from different parts of the world apply to study in Australia every year. The numbers of student are growing up day by day. The modernised educational system is the cause of this growth.

University of Melbourne, The Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Queensland are the eminent university in Australia. Diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate courses are taught here in these universities. Notable professor including many Nobel laureates teach in these institution. Australian universities offers courses on engineering and technology, science, designing, law, journalism, business management, mass communication, art, humanities. The university also offers part time program, research programmes.

In Australia, the education cost is lower than USA. Various scholarship programmes are available for international students. If you have good academic record then you can apply for scholarship. Many students study and work in Australia to have some pocket money or to meet their expenses. You can also do part time job while studying in Australia.

For work purpose you have to apply for work permit. In most of the cases, student can avail a part-time job related to the studying subject. This can help to gain experience and find a good job after graduation. Many companies can hire you easily if you have experience in your job that are related to your field. You can get job easily at retail, hospitality, tourism sector in Australia. You may have get an opportunity to work in your university as a freelancer.

If you have decided to work in Australia, then do not worry you will be protected by a many laws formed by the government even if you are an international student. Getting admission in any university in Australia is not so easy. To get admitted you have to sit for different entrance exams offered by the universities. You have to apply for student visa. The things that are needed for getting a student visa are-

An electronic Confirmation of Enrolment certificate from your university on the course you applied for study.

You should have enough money for airfares, course fees and living costs. You have to maintain a minimum balance to satisfy your need in Australia and have to be covered while staying in this country. Study abroad consultants can help you out in this matter. Consultancy firms have years on experience. They have gathered knowledge on studying in Australia. You should have to get good score in IELTS/TOEFL, PTE.

You need to have a health insurance in Australia even if you are an international student staying in Australia temporarily. This health care program is known as the Overseas Student Health Cover. The program is significant. This insurance plan helps you to meet the costs of hospital care, medical care pharmaceuticals, and ambulance services if you fall in any disease while in Australia. OSHC is must needed thing to get a student visa.