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Meditation and Breathing - Suggestion for Beginners

Meditation is a very personal thing, and about being associated with oneself and our breath.

Meditation and Breathing - Suggestion for Beginners

Wednesday December 13, 2017,

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Meditation and Breathing - Suggestion for Beginners

Meditation and Breathing - Suggestion for Beginners

Meditation has many different meanings, for Hindus it is a way to reach God, for others it is a process for calming the mind, reducing stress and depression, while for sincere yogis it is a way to gain enlightenment. However, meditation is a combination of all these. It invites us to utilize our inherent powers to attain the state of enlightenment and to become more mindful, presented and compassionate. Meditation itself involves breathing and as we become more aware of it, more we move towards the state of calmness and peace.

To begin meditation, choose a quiet place, sit cross-legged with spine straight and concentrate on breathing. Breathe through nostrils and feel the sensation as the air passes through them. Make sure your mind is focused on breathing. Though it might be difficult initially but through concentration and deliberate efforts you could retain your focus. The highly suggested way is measured breathing. Inhale, hold the breath and count till eight. Now exhale to the similar count. Repeat this sequence as per your capacity.

Here are few tips which you should follow when you meditate.

Begin with two minutes practice: Start with two minutes practice, if it goes well increases the duration for another two minutes, continue the same for a week, and slowly increase the timing. You would soon find yourself meditating for ten and even fifteen minutes every day.

Meditate early morning: Though you can meditate any time during the day, however, early morning is the best time. Morning hours are calm and serene and morning rays give more pleasurable experience.

Do not be in doubt-Just do it: Meditation is a very easy process, so do not be in doubt about how to sit and where to sit for meditation. Sit quietly on a chair or your couch or bed, anywhere wherever you feel comfortable. Best is to sit on the mat cross-legged.

Analyze your feeling: Find out your feeling, are you feeling tired, anxious and stressed, bring these worries into meditation, you would soon feel a complete change and all your worries are vanished.

Keep a smiling face: Meditate with a smile on your face. You would feel great about it.

Notice the sound or light or energy: After the week or so when again you sit to meditate, try to keep your mind focused on any one spot in your room, preferably on the light in the room, next time notice the sounds and soon you would start experiencing and feeling the amazing energy all around you.

Meditation is about getting awareness, retaining mental focus and concentration, which you would find difficult to hang on it in the initial days of mediation as we all have a wandering mind. But slowly you would find yourself deeply engrossed in somewhere in the outer world, in the different arena of serenity, peace, and calmness. This is a power of meditation.

Though these tips might not make you the expert but would sure help you keep going and utilize its ample of benefits.  

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