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4 lessons to learn from email marketing by Amazon

This article is about Email Marketing ideas that used by amazon.

4 lessons to learn from email marketing by Amazon

Friday February 02, 2018,

5 min Read

Amazon is undoubtedly a retail powerhouse globally with thousands of retailers selling their brands for more than 22 years now. Let us quickly get ourselves started with a few facts related to Amazon, before we deep dive into the actual discussion.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, who started Amazon way back in 1994.

Amazon was not a profitable company until 2001when Amazon reaped profits of $5 million on sales of $1 billion.

As of 2016, Amazon’s revenue stands at a whopping $136 billion, thanks to its massive ecommerce store as well as cloud computing services names as Amazon Web Services.

The email marketing provider from Amazon’s stable i.e. Amazon SES managing per day a million mails.

Since Internet was almost non-existent way back in 1994, Amazon was a brand new concept, and hence people found it really interesting, just escalating sales.


You will find a hell lot of stories related to Amazon’s amazing email marketing campaigns. Spend some time to know how great the Amazon email marketing is, making it a viable contestant to be on top of the email marketing game. It has been years since Amazon’s capability to drive revenue came into being by crafting emails that were just about excellent. Let us try to learn a few lessons from amazing email marketing campaigns floated by the organization.

Keep a track of what your customers are doing

Data is a powerful information source. Running an online business need to have storing customer information for future communications. Amazon seems to have mastered this with years of stable experience. In fact, this can be known from the homepage itself, wherein when you land upon the Amazon website, you have a number of options personalized and catered to individual customers such as you are greeted with your name, keeps your cart sessions active until you finish with your shopping. Other sections include recommendations for you, more items to consider, and new for you.

Amazon constantly tracks every single user, with all the surfing behavior tracked. They have a thorough analysis of the Account section, with a constant analysis of feedback, card details, personal details, and more. This helps Amazon to present only relevant products to relevant customers. Additionally, when users abandon a cart from in between, Amazon ensures to remind users through mail regarding the products they were about to purchase, or similar products.

Avoid sending discounts or offers too frequently. Send deals in emails only when highly relevant, and which could possibly make a big difference in customer purchase. Promotional emails coming off as a surprise will surely impress the customers; however, when sent too frequently could deliver a spammy feel to the consumers. Keep rotating between different kinds of emails like discounts or offers, reminders, recommendations, random product suggestions, reviews, competitions, reminders, cart abandonment, and newsletters. Alternating emails between them help customers feel important. Today there are many Web Design Company who offer great E-commerce and Email Marketing Solutions.

Campaigns should be presented in a series

There has to be a series of emails to follow. Settling for just few emails would not do the job. You have to constantly remind users regarding your ecommerce store. Do not really worry about the frequency. Do A/B testing on your email campaigns, and keep sending them in right frequency rather than bombarding them altogether. As per a study, the sales can be increased by 20% through conversion of abandon cart to purchases, when a second email is sent to customers. By keeping a gap of 24 hours between emails, after a customer has abandoned the cart, you tend to increase sales by 50%.

Make life simpler for consumers by not letting them think much

Conversions can be increased to a great extent by not allowing the users to do the dirty job of understanding complex things. Hence, make life simpler for them by presenting content and CTAs in the most simplified manner. Present all the details users would like to know, with everything quite evident to operate without getting confused. Optimizing the experience of users in as much personalized way possible will delight consumers and motivate them to buy more. Ecommerce stores have too much to offer, and if users can navigate between things with ease, they will come back again and again for more.

Retain users by providing them with an unsubscribe option

Surprised? Well, do not be. It is possibly the best way to win trust of users. If you are forcing a user to subscribe, he/she would be afraid to do so due to the fear of spammy emails attacking now and then. However, when you are providing with an unsubscribe option, you are assuring users to stop getting mails anytime they want. This result in users getting more encouraged to subscribe without any fear of getting spammed, since unsubscribe option is anytime available for service.

This is the best strategy to attract uninterested customers, who by some reason were refraining from your store. However, seeing your trust and credibility factor, are now willing to give your store a try. Herein, you are also increasing the chances of retention, since you are letting customers to restrict the number of emails they might receive. Since customers have a tendency to receive so many spammy emails on a daily basis from financial institutions, and other sources, people have the ability to unsubscribe others without any option, instead of yours in spite of you providing an option.

Summing up final words

Email marketing has been and still is the most effective form of online marketing, wherein you are approaching your existing list of subscribers or customers, resulting in a laser targeted campaigning for your products or services. Since loyal customers or subscribers already know about you, may be in brief or details, there is a higher probability of them reading your emails, and show interest in making a purchase. Amazon is the No. 1 retail company in the world, and a global leader in email marketing. Taking the above lessons from their experiences, you are bound to get across your ecommerce store in the right place.