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Top 5 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

Top 5 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas

Saturday September 30, 2017,

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Email Marketing is a true and tried digital Marketing channel. As other online digital marketing trends come and go, email marketing remains a stable source of your conversions and traffic. Email Marketing has several benefits. Although, it’s a great marketing tool, however, unfortunately, it seems to possess a bad reputation with a few businesses, who have failed to understand it.

Every Digital Marketers know the power of Email Marketing that deliver the best result at lowest cost than most other channels. Here are some email marketing stats.

1. 75% of Gmail 900M users access their account by using Mobile Phone.

2. Email Subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitor from other sources

3. Email Marketing drives us more conversion than any other marketing channel, including social and search.

4. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring a new customer than Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits of Email Marketing

1) Email marketing will help your business, products, and services gain more visibility on the internet which will help in viral growth and a wider reach.

2) Thousands of emails can be sent with a click of the mouse to send you advertisements, reminders or newsletters.

3) Unlike mass media, email marketing allows you to narrow your audience to people that are most likely to become your customers. You can target your emailing campaigns according to a variety of demographic characteristics.

4) Email Marketing Increased our return on investment(ROI)

If you already run a campaign for Email Marketing than here are our top 5 ideas to inspire or improve your next email marketing campaign.

1. Include Video: Showing video content in your email is the best way to increase user interest and engagement. Videos help your email perform better, also videos content gives us wider ranger audience.

2. Include GIFs: Including GIFs in your email design is another way to increasing email performances. Animations are a reliable way to capture a user’s attention when he or she opens your email.

3. Showcase social proof: There is no better marketing than word-of-mouth recommendation. Take your email marketing to next level by using this features and promoted rave reviews from actual customers.

4. Personalize: Everyone wants to look the ways to personalize the web experience for their users. While we personalizing the website content to our user, it is very complex and daunting task. Try to add user name in the email subject line or add any customizing content or offer.

5. Use Cart abandoners Email: Abandoners Cart Email will help us to improve our business and products leads. Restating product benefits and/or offering an inducement to complete the sale (free shipping, free samples, or a free trial of your service) can help win back customers who might otherwise never have returned.

Email is a powerful channel with the possibility to deliver conversion at relatively low cost. By using these tips properly, you will get more business leads or products sale. Helping your stay in front of your targeted audience and on their minds when they are ready to purchase.