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Heart touching real story of a Startup...

What does it means to be an entrepreneur? A true example. 

Heart touching real story of a Startup...

Saturday November 26, 2016,

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I know that everybody claims himself the best among all of entrepreneurs but we are not the best and we are not in any kind of human race. Than what drives us to do 16 hours of daily hard work? What is our purpose? What wakes up us early every day? What makes us to stand up again after any kind of failures?

 …my name is Ravi Kumar Yadav and I am from one of the smallest village of India. We are basically farmers from generations. One day I saw tears in my mom’s eyes while she is cooking food for me…I said why are you crying maa? She replied it’s smoke, nothing serious.

She said “nothing serious” but that became serious when I went to my office and started finding what it may cause, on internet. …and after that I found many more basic problems of human kind we are not focusing on. Billions of people suffering from different kind of basic but serious problems all over the world. We are inventing app every day, we went to moon, we made super computer but nobody focused on these basic problems affecting more than half of the population on this planet.


 I asked some question to myself. What does it means to be an entrepreneur if I am not saving my belongings (Human)? Why I become topper in my college if I can’t save them? How can I say to myself I am a good son if I am unable to clean tears from my mom’s eyes?

…all this story looks like an emotional blackmail but only until I made/innovate my first solution/product with heart touching features like smoke filtration, fire safety, cooling mechanism and many other solutions in our first product. But actually story of Base Inventor begins from here…


I went to my home with this solution for my mom’s tear and she said “I am not the only one who facing this problem and I will not accept your gift (product/solution) until you find a solution for all of the mothers around the globe.” I felt bad for a while but after a few seconds I realize, yes mom is right and I went back to my office immediately at 9 PM for the planning about next step. I made my product design more valuable my making some changes according to market research for commercialization and then I filed an application for provisional patent. And after that day I made a promise to myself “no matter who is inventing what, but I am going to find solutions for each and every basic problem of human kind”. It looks like a big deal and in fact it was a big deal to complete this promise but after that I made more than 28 products/solutions and 2 of them already filed for provisional patent and more than 30 problems also identified by myself and I have a vision to solve those problems also in very short time.


Now we incorporated our company Base Inventor Private Limited. Working day & night to make this world a better place and we request all entrepreneur to think about our "Earth" first and than plan for "Mars" because it doesn't make sense that you are making a new house for your family and not focusing on current problems of them.

Thank you so much for your time. Please let me know if you have any opinion or suggestions at [email protected] 

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