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How woman entrepreneur Namita Nayak reached from thousand to crores..

How woman entrepreneur Namita Nayak reached from thousand to crores..

Monday May 22, 2017,

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Greetings of the day!

My name is Namita Nayak, I am based out of Kolkata, West Bengal but now staying in Mumbai for my business development work.

I would like to introduce myself. I am a Btech graduate & women entrepreneur and founder of a startup “Orastays”. We provide homestays, guesthouses and paying guests. Our service is similar to AirBnb. We have an add-on facility of providing paying guest houses to the people who go to different cities for work, studies or any other purposes.


At many places earlier, women entrepreneurs were not given the required support and they had to suffer a lot. But now a days, women have become much more independent and are supported from every corner of the society. It is my vision to achieve something in my life and become successful and help the needy ones like me.

I had started my business in 2014 with lots of struggles and just a small amount of Rs 5000/- only. After six months I got a bank finance of Rs 90000/- from Bajaj Finance. Since then we have been working really hard and today, my business has crossed a turnover of 1 crore.

Since the starting of the business, I really got help from many people both financially and morally.

But now, my business has grown a bit. Sometimes when some good expense was required, I used to take it from my friends and known people and it happened when generally my expense increased my income because I was working all alone in the business. Yes, it’s true that I added people in my work process but this happened much later.

Slowly, when the business grew, I thought about the expenses and how it can be brought onto a platform where it can grow globally. This is when I decided to go ahead on the homestay model.

This model will help travellers who go out to different cities as well as the hosts who will be listing their houses and welcoming their guests.

It will help housewives and is also good for retired personnel whose income is less or completely zero.

Also, In India, every year there remains a shortfall of almost 1,90,000 hotel rooms to meet travellers’ requirements. Also, the government is also promoting homestay services.

I am now in a process of expanding our business Pan India and abroad and are trying to make it completely technology based by use of mobile apps. We are building our mobile apps.

Now in my management team, I have two more supporters with me. Rest I have is a few employees who really work great and contribute equally in my business growth.


Namita Nayak

E – mail: - [email protected]



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