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7 Ways How To Plan A Memorable Beach Wedding On A Small Budget

A beach wedding is every would be couple’s dream come true! Today’s busy couples often find that they are hard pressed for time and short on cash, when it comes to planning and financing their weddings.

7 Ways How To Plan A Memorable Beach Wedding On A Small Budget

Tuesday February 07, 2017,

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However, beach wedding ceremony ideas can be considered in these aspects, which offer sensible yet elegant wedding solutions for such couples, taking care of all headache and expenses, normally associated with a traditional wedding. Typically, a beach wedding is easier to plan, is quite unconventional, ensures a lot of fun and happy memories, both for the bride and groom and the guests and interestingly, quite affordable than you can imagine. When planning a beach wedding on a budget there are few things to be considered and kept in mind for an unforgettable affair. Read on below for 7 best ways on how to plan a beach wedding on a small budget provided by Holy Delights

1)Wise selection of location and wedding dress: When selecting the location for your beach wedding, be wise and discerning. Most beaches are usually windy. Hence, try to pick a cove or an area sheltered from direct winds for your ceremony. Be on guard for the tides and take prior information regarding the same. Remember that depending on the time of the year, beaches can be quite hot, even during the evenings, especially if you’re planning beach wedding ceremony ideas during summers. Choose your wedding attire accordingly. For a summer beach wedding, you might choose to wear something light. Many couples on tight budget even prefer to stay away from full gowns or skirts and go with airy and sand-friendly dresses or even casual beach wears. Sometimes, they even ditch the shoes and go barefoot. Remember, not all dresses, style and fabrics will work for a beach wedding. Pick a dress made of easy breezy and lighter fabric that allows movement. Pale pink and pale blue colors are perfect for a beach wedding. However, don’t forget to experiment with colors if you wish so. Keep everything fuss-free for a memorable and pretty look!

2) Consider a limited wedding guest list: When you’re thinking of how to plan a beach wedding on a small budget, your guest list of invitees are something you should consider first. Decide first-hand about how many guests will be attending your wedding. Most beaches don’t require special permits for small budget informal weddings; however, always check with local authorities to be absolutely sure. Consider small beach wedding tips from wedding websites and wedding planners and companies, who can advise you on planning a small and customized guest list. Thinking small will not only allow you to have an intimate experience with people you love and cherish the most, but also help you out to keep your budget under control and spend more on the things that are more important to you, like the wedding cake, wedding outfits and even your honeymoon vacation.

3)Find a local beach wedding officiate to perform your wedding ceremony: For beach wedding ideas on a budget, going for a local wedding officiate to the beach of your choice can be quite easy on your pocket. They often specialize in beach weddings, providing important tips along with the package deals within your means. These days, wedding packages are becoming popular and ideal for busy couples. These packages often include everything from the bouquet to photography and even filing of your marriage license. Also, consider cutting down your reception expenses by planning a sunset ceremony followed by a simple yet stylish wine and cheese beach reception right on the beach.

4)Restrict the open bar: Remember, that everyone drinks more when they know that the alcohol served is free. So when you’re keen on how to plan a beach wedding on a small budget, restrict the open bar and serve only beer and wine during the actual wedding reception. However, if you don’t want your guests to think that you’re being frugal, try incorporating few cost-friendly tropical cocktails. And tropical cocktails with cute little umbrellas on top always work magical for beach wedding ceremony ideas. Public beaches seldom allow alcohol to be served and so selecting beach themed cocktails can be a wonderful celebratory idea to cut down on expensive drinks and also curb unnecessary police intervention.

5)Try a different wedding cake: Wedding cakes are essential for many weddings, but can be quite expensive too! So why not try a different kind of cake and save yourself from paying a hefty sum? With a cupcake wedding, you can very well keep your beach wedding ideas on a budget, and avoid splurging on something that your guests might just nibble on. These days, you have an array of beautiful and creative cupcakes, which your guests can even carry on their way out and savor it later.

6)Lighten the invitation load: When considering how to plan a beach wedding on a small budget, skip the standard printed wedding invitations, reception cards and envelopes. Since you’re having a non-traditional beach wedding, try sending your wedding invitations by email and invite your guests to RSVP online or via email. There are many websites handling RSVP online at low costs and you save considerable amount of money unlike the traditional way and lessen the burden of sending out invitation cards.

7) Budget in advance and stick to it: You can expect a romantic yet affordable wedding, if you have planned and budget ahead, stick to small beach wedding tips. It’s not hard as you think and you don’t have to sacrifice on grandeur if you follow your budget. Choose the date cleverly so that you can save big. Try to avoid busy seasons and weekends and opt for off-season beach wedding. Apart from inexpensive wedding attire, go for casual hairstyles and makeup and local reasonable priced flowers. Also, leave out professional photographer and band and tell your relatives and friends to bring their cameras and stereo players. There are many things that you can DIY. Just following these simple ideas will save you a lot!

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