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Top 7 strategies to add value to your startup during downtime

Top 7 strategies to add value to your startup during downtime

Friday August 03, 2018,

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A startup goes through millions of myths, facts, plans, and ideas. A successful startup has its own share of failures as well. Not every startup becomes a hit. So, what’s the formula for success? Whether you have a web design company or an online store, you will find that there are many questions still need to be answered; fortunately, the strategies to follow are just a few.

7 Strategies to help you during your downtime in entrepreneurship

You don’t need a bunch of ideas to make your startup hit in the market, just a few are enough if you analyze closely. In this article, we will talk about 7 prime strategies that can be helpful for any type of startup. Every plan of action has been discussed in detail. So, without much ado, let’s just begin everything from the scratch.

1. Analysis of plan

In startup cases, it has always been said that a plan fails not because of money always, often plans fail to. So, these days if you are facing a high downtime, then you need to do a thorough analysis of business strategies.

In spite of having a strong financial support, a business fails. A lot of entrepreneurs find it difficult to cope with failures, while the winners always find faults. It is said that be ready for any circumstances if you want success.

So, if plan A does not work, then you need plan B and so on. Have trust in your ideology and always be ready to accept minor modifications. Being rigid at one point might give you a lot of trouble especially in business. Analysis of plan adds a great value to your startup during downtime.

2. Share and care

Sharing is caring, this is not just another adage but a valuable one. If you have an office setup, then it is high time to discuss and borrow others idea in your business. Have a brainstorming discussion with your employees, colleagues, co-founders, investors, and with every single people whom you feel quite important in your life.

Basically, when you share and listen to the ideas of others, it creates an open arena of ideas in our brain. This is when you can find out the loopholes in your ideas.

As an entrepreneur, this is quite important to have a bunch of great ideas and single-handedly that might not be possible to generate. So, sharing adds a great value to startup especially when you are facing a severe blow.

3. Be ready with survival plans

So, a startup can face several types of issues. But, the most important factor is to be ready with a number of survival plans.

A startup is nothing but an accumulation of great plans. And plans may fail. But a startup should never fail in turning back with a great survival strategy. It is like tolerating the severe blows in a boxing match and deliver a hard punch right in the face of the opponent.

In business, almost everyone is an opponent to each other because all are fighting for the same goal which is called ‘profit’. If profit is not there, a business would not last for long. So, whether you have a commercial web design company, a professional blog, or even an offline business, you always need a great survival plan to wipe off all the roots of problems during your downtime.

4. Everything is valuable

Ignorance is detrimental, it causes serious troubles. Often startup people think that they just need something big to recover from losses. Well! The reality is a bit different.

Big projects or big offers come with a lot of terms, conditions, expectations, and requires a lot of commitments. So, it is generally not a good idea to go after big projects especially when you are having a severe blow in finance.

Rather, change your fate with something low budget yet fresh. Once you are able to deliver that one successfully, your ground would itself be ready. People would start noticing your hard work and eventually, your bad time would go away. So, every project or work is valuable in entrepreneurship. Show the right amount respect to everything. Undoubtedly, this is a great strategy to recover from all the loses during your downtime.

5. Don’t start anything hastily

Startups require a lot of planning, patience, effort, and time. Anything in a hurried manner can leave a long-lasting bad impression. A decision taken at the spur of a moment can take a major toll on your entrepreneurship.

Often, newcomers commit this mistake. The overconfidence on their own ideas and planning lead them in the field of loss. This is such a situation that very few people can analyze properly.

If you try to analyze the market leaders, then you will find out that every decision has been taken with a lot of precautionary measurements. To run a successful business, often you need to think like just a commoner. The right decision does not necessarily come from the wisest person, but a simple commoner like thought can save you from disgrace. This is such a strategy that has been followed by millions of entrepreneurs in their downtimes.

6. A risk is good, but not always

Taking risks is part of a successful business. But, is that a right approach always. The analysis shows that there are a number of instances where an entrepreneur took a major risk thinking that it would change the fate but unfortunately turned into a nightmare because the owner sank into a huge debt.

As we shared already in this article, that it is necessary to consider every minor or low budget project as your turning point. At the peak time when your business is at the zenith point of huge loss, it is definitely not wise to consider big projects. Measure your losses and plan the actions accordingly. Do not make silly mistakes that in turn aggravate the situation more. So, the risk is definitely good, but not always especially when your startup is facing a huge downtime.

7. It is time to switch off and restart

When your device does not work properly, you restart everything. Well! A similar thing happens with your business. If all of the strategies and even your survival plans fail, probably that’s an indication that you need to start right from the basic.

Just take a leave for a few days. Do whatever you want to do. Read inspiring and motivating books, do some painting or cooking, you can also try meditation or Yoga. In fact, there are tons of interesting and unique things that you can do.

These kinds of recreational activities will make you stronger and would help you to fight back with new energy. So, when no plan works out, it is better to switch off and restart once again. This is undoubtedly an amazing strategy to follow when your entrepreneurship is facing a severe blow.

A bunch of failures cannot determine the fate of your startup. A startup is only successful when you learn new lessons from every single failure. So, whether you have a web development company or just a manufacturing unit, this line-up of 7 strategies would definitely help you to choose the path, especially during your low times. Get ready to write your destiny with your own hand.