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How to over come Depression?

Stress and depression are freebies of today's life. But. how do we overcome it?

Wednesday March 08, 2017,

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We often read about depression and stress in newspapers, magazines, blogs, and social media. It is so prevalent that every single day there is at least one page of newspaper that is dedicated to stress and depression. It became a hot topic recently when celebrities also came out expressing their views and own stories related to this ‘phenomenon’. And we thought 'so they also suffer from it'.

When I googled depression- it said ‘feeling of severe despondency and rejection’, and when I went lower down the page- American Psychiatric Association suggests- ‘It is a common & serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act’. ‘Fortunately it is also treatable’. That’s it. It is treatable. 

So here is the proposed cure- ‘Theory of relativity’ & Love yourself

Theory of relativity was coined by Albert Einstein. However, its literal meaning can be applied to depression as well. Its simply relating your situation to the people who are in worse situation than yours.    

It is just like the story of the crow, who thinks swan is better for its whiteness, swan thinks peacock is better for its beauty and peacock who is in the cage in turn thinks crow is better as it is free outside in the air. Look around, you feel many people have bigger problems in life than you. This feeling of your problems relative to others are small is enough to make you positive. 

Love yourself is the best method. Find your childhood love and bring it in your life again, it will channelize your depression. Imagine your childhood when you had the great ideas of becoming an actor, an astronaut and a doctor someday. Live your childhood again by bringing your hobby back in your life. By chance, if you don’t have any hobby then cultivate one. It is the best source of channelizing your depression and positive energy.

Invest in yourself.

• Lastly, I would suggest you to backpack and travel. Travelling gives freedom and joy. Pick a new destination, pack light but resourcefully and go to an unknown adventure. With the ease and credibility of today’s technology you can travel to places with and without family & friends. I would suggest travel alone, give yourself time and think what you want to do. 

I believe it is better to cure yourself than to wait for others to help you. Depression is not chosen by you and keep it that way. Get and alive and get kicking. 

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