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7 Tips for Businesspeople to Write Flawless Business Letters

Writing a flawless business letter or business correspondence is not rocket science, but businesspeople always need to follow a few basic guidelines that are enlisted here.

7 Tips for Businesspeople to Write Flawless Business Letters

Monday April 29, 2019,

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It sounds easy to write an effective business letter, but in actual, businesspeople fail to chase important instructions to write such business correspondence. Probably, many of you are facing the same problem of writing a flawless business letter as a beginner. However, you don’t need to worry more because the following tips are going to assist you in writing a perfect business letter or proposal.

The Viewpoint of Business Communication

First of all, businesspeople must keep the expectations, needs, situation and goals of the reader in the mind while writing a letter. Yes, the writer should be rhetorically aware. Moreover, you will be only able to meet the expectations of the reader if you are cleared about the perspective of business correspondence. So, the letter body should consist of right, useful and convincing stuff.

Limit the Letter to One Page

By interpretation, business letters should be short and concise. That’s why it is preferred to limit the length of the business proposal to one page only. In the same token, it also has been noticed that busy investors, executives or entrepreneurs don’t bother to read long-winded written communications. Therefore, if you don’t want to waste your effort then better to keep your letter short and to the point.

Keep it Formal and Authentic

Herewith, ‘Content is King’ that’s why while writing business letters businesspeople take better care of their content. Letter should be written in informal tone with accurate figures. It is also essential to understand that emotions and feelings have no place in business communication. Hence, you should avoid the terms like “we believe” or “we think” etc. Furthermore, your facts shouldn’t be misrepresented anywhere in the business letter. Always recheck the authenticity of points that you are going to add in business correspondence.

Make it Reader-friendly, Concise and Reasonable

It is recommended to keep the letter reader-friendly by using forthright phrases and uncomplicated words. To make it logical and concise, you can start by identifying the primary subject, deepening on it and concluding it with feasible recommendations.

Take Care of Timeliness and Accuracy

Generally speaking, business letters should be written on time with accurate facts. Businesses must double check the sales figures and financial implications with seasonable requirements. Future events and dates should also be considered while offering suggestions. It is better to have a proper calendar on your computer to anticipate what could achieve realistically in a given amount of time.

Use Equitable Words

It is vital to ensure that you didn’t use any discriminatory word or phrase about gender, religion or race etc. in your corresponding. For example, it is better to use ‘workforce’ instead of ‘manpower’, ‘spokesperson’ instead of ‘spokesman’ and ‘editor’ instead of ‘lady editor’ etc.

Use of Helping Tools

Unluckily, if you don’t have Shakespearian writing skills and business approach like Steve Jobs, then it is better to get some help from the technology. Following tools found very reliable to write engaging and flawless business letters.

Formal Letter Format

Either you are going to write a cover letter or a sales letter Formal Letter Format will help you with the exact layout. Similarly, you can get more guidance from Best Letter Template regarding the use of more appropriate professional business letter layouts.


This is another tool that will assist you in improving your writing skills by checking the grammatical errors in real time. Several business executives, employees and entrepreneurs use this application to cross-examine their business corresponding.


Docstoc is an excellent tool for businesses to fulfill their writing needs. Here, you don’t need to start the documentation or business correspondence from the scrape. It permits various genre and verities of business letter templates to its users.

Email Excellence

On the other hand, if you want to write your business letter directly within the mailbox, then Email Excellence could be a great choice. It offers various business writing templates with an explanation of every feature that it provides. All in all, it is one of the best online tools that beginners can use to write business letters.

In brief, the core agenda to write this article is to help the startups and entrepreneurs who begin with small teams and don’t have enough budget to hire experts to get business writing services. These tips are definitely going to help such businessperson to write flawless business corresponding.