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7 Trends that will change the course of Mobile apps development

apps has totally changed we engage with our customers and convert them to clients.....

7 Trends that will change the course of Mobile apps development

Monday November 26, 2018,

5 min Read

How Mobile apps are revolutionizing Tech Innovation
How Mobile apps are revolutionizing Tech Innovation

Mobile App Market has shown a progressive growth since its birth as more and more companies are moving their business to mobile there has been a rapid growth in Mobile Industry. Even the Smartphone’s have become lot more cheaper and are accessible to lot more public. Increasing volume has lead in wider coverage of mobile apps.

Apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Google maps, Amazon, Candy crush and lot more has successful attracted people at large numbers. Small and midsize businesses are also following the mobile trend to carter more business. As we are about to enter 2019 let’s review all the amazing app development trends which have boosted mobile users.

7 Trends in Mobile Apps that revolutionized the customer funnels:

1. Wearable’s:

Smart Wearable like Google and Apple watch has been a new trend in Mobile apps. Apps like Uber, Zomoto, Instagram have their separate software for smart watches giving their user more features and easy to use application. Wearable tech in healthcare allows users to track their exercise routines, heartbeats, eating rituals, and so on. As Smart watches are becoming more popular wearable technology is expected to grow much faster in 2019.  

2. IoT :

IoT has been the best trend of 2018. It allows us to control things around us just by using mobile apps. Things like Smart switch boards, toys, medical equipment etc all could be controlled through mobile apps, turning mobile phones into a remote. Real estate’s are developing internet of things apps to build smart buildings and parking with sensors to help people leave hassle- free. With the growth in IoT in 2018 it would not be a surprise to see much more powerful IoT apps for people to use in 2019.

3. On-Demand Application:

On-Demand apps have become daily part of our life. From booking taxi to ordering food we all are using On-demand applications. Apps like Uber, Ola, Zomoto, Swiggy, Urban Clap etc have gained a huge success in on-demand frame. On-demand Streaming apps like Netflix and Hotstar has cause massive growth in popularity of mobile apps. With users looking for speed, convenience and simplicity on demand app development is expected to grow much further.

4. Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence:

AI Chatbots are becoming very popular and are being used by many applications as customer service Chatbots in order to solve their user problem quickly and easily. 52% consumers prefer to interact with businesses via a messaging app rather than over the phone or in person. These changing user demands will encourage enterprises to implement human-machine communications that are both efficient and accurate to meet these demands. We have already seen some amazing AI like Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google now which are easing the task if users.

5. Mobile Wallets:

Mobile Wallets are the most secured wallets for people to keep their money. The technology allows customer to store money and cards to use it globally. Instead of using credit cards or debit cards, customers can use virtual wallet to pay for goods and services. Even many eCommerce apps and sites accept payment from mobile wallets. Mobile wallets also provide many offers which have also successfully attracted more and more users. With more and more industries and business accepting Mobile Wallet payment the market size of mobile wallet is expected to spring up in coming time.

6. VR and AR:

AR and VR are not the new technologies they came into market much earlier but came in people eyes much lately and now have become one of the most used trend in Mobile App. Trending application Snapchat uses AR to attract its users and many gaming apps are using AR/VR technology to give better experience to the user. Whereas AR is widely used for developing enterprise apps for various industries – healthcare, retail, real estate, and engineering.      

7. Blockchain:

Blockchain technology is one of the biggest new development of 2018. In such a short frame of time it has hit the technological market and is expected to grow a lot more. There are a number of emerging and established trends around blockchain that are gaining traction at the moment. Blockchain has been used in developing Cryptocurrency Apps, smart Contracts, in IoT etc. Blockchain application development enhances the security of the app and data by eliminating chances of data tampering.


From the current mobile app development trends and the popularity of one can be sure there is lot more to come in future and Smartphone’s are the future and would eventually replace all the other technology you use it today. The year of 2019 will see a huge boom in the mobile app industry, especially with so many unexpected changes in Mobile Development trends.

My advice to you is if you are looking to develop your own app then you should hire an experience developer who has the great knowledge and skills in the mobile app development who can build you a quality app at your budget.