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Implementing Self-Service Solutions : Needs and Benefits To Customers

Tuesday October 25, 2016,

5 min Read

Customer services one of the major concern from past years and it is still the one. Providing quality customer services a big deal, as customer expectations ate increasing rapidly. It gets to be hard to meet customers desires when you have competitors around you, attempting the same. One cannot deny the fact that customer services only beneficial to the customer if it leads to customer convenience. Customers want to feel empowered and this can only be done when they have a way to solve their issues and problems without calling the customer support team and then waiting for hours to get the solutions. Customers will only be happy when their time is valued and they are given importance.

Nowadays, you get only one chance to make your first impression and with regards to client service, there is no place for mistakes with the first point of contact. Today’s customer very well knows how to get what they want, and often times will search out different ways to service themselves before reaching out to an agent or customer support team. This is when having the right tools in the Self service solutions can help you to differentiate you from your competition.

One form of customer service that is on the rise nowadays, is Self service solutions. It is an effective way to serve the customers by providing accurate information regarding the products and services over the digital platforms. Customers can get the solutions faster and on real-time. This allows customers to manage services themselves, without any intervention of the service provider. This is done by way of the web or internet in the form of a simple FAQ page, mobile apps, self-checkouts, and even IVR. Customers feel frustrated when they have to wait. Therefore, it is a good alternate to choose Self service over the traditional calling support, for the service providers.

Web self-service is one of the most preferred communication channels that provide customer service, exceeding the use of the voice channel for the first time. Well-implemented web self-service can offer multiple benefits to consumers, employees and organizations. Customers can get rapid answers to their queries in the channel they choose, employees invest less time and energy in repeating simple answers and can work more actively, and organizations can spare money by utilizing a low-cost channel.

Tech-savvy customers today first go to self-serve options, but brands cannot simply count on the ordinary, unresponsive website to satisfy their customers’ desire to self-serve. They should firstly understand the need that why their customers want to serve themselves, then enable their Self service options with the attributes that meet those needs. They need to understand the customers’ expectations and requirements and then deploy the self-service solutions.

So why do consumers favour online Self service? 

1. Convenience: 75% people say Self service is a right way to confront their consumer service problems. They can do it anytime they want and take as long as they need. In this current era where smartphone owners do the majority of their work routine work on their cellphones, Self service is the anytime anywhere accessible experience. Customers don’t have to wait and can get the benefits of services they want anytime and anywhere

Brands can meet the expectation of customers in terms of convenience by making the self-help option highly perceptible, and even proactively present the self-service availability upon entry of the website or a mobile app.

2.Efficiency: Neither the customers want to wait for longer in the queue to get connected to a person nor they want to spend their time to explain what they are trying to achieve and the related situations. They want to get the solution on the web by going online, rapidly find whatever they want,and they're done.

Truly efficient Self service solutions should be automatic and proactive in providing the content that the customer wants. And when the customer faces a unique situation that requires human interaction, they should be consistently transferred to a knowledgeable agent or the customer support executive who can see the customer's interaction history and journey so far, therefore not hampering the customer to repeat their issue.

Self-service solutions help the customers get the faster and real-time solutions to their problem without any hassles.

3.Control: Customers feel authorized when they can handle the issues themselves. They don't want to depend on other people. As a matter of fact, study shows that 67% of customers would rather go for self-service than speak to a support representative. Also, these self-adequate consumers like the knowledge they acquire by discovering out for themselves, that adds the feeling of Control.

With a specific end goal to guarantee that wanted feeling, brands need to give their customers, the Self service solutions that are easy to utilize and navigate. They additionally need to focus on their customers and acquire knowledge from their feedback; usability modifications and improvements that should implement because the brand that is open to the voice of their customers, gets easily successful.

Online Self service is only and only convenient, effective, and empowering when the Self service solutions are optimized to solve issues and answer common questions easily, no matter in what manner they are asked. By doing so, it gives customers the type of support they want that not only benefits the customer, but it ultimately conveys a considerable ROI for brands.

Ultimately, a Self service solution should empower end users to request services, find information, and resolve their own issues. Necessarily, the consumer becomes the first line of support, and that can be a positive push into the first line of contact. With Self service solutions, there’s no waiting or holding in the phone queues or for an agent pick up the phone. There are less annoyance and more time to focus on with their needs.

The Self service model provides the customer the empowerment and many other things. This is a great solution that leads to customer loyalty, satisfaction, and the great experience.