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Why to Use a Mobile App for Your Business

Here are reasons why you should invest into developing a mobile app for your business and how your business can make the most of it... 

Why to Use a Mobile App for Your Business

Saturday October 08, 2016,

5 min Read

A large chunk of the growth in the mobility sector can clearly be attributed to the monumental developments in mobile app industry. This astonishing growth can be ascribed to the fact that an average American spends more than a couple of hours glued to his mobile devices. Mobile phones have the power to do really amazing things for both the general users as well as business owners.

Businesses have been spending fortunes on their marketing efforts and gauging how effective their investment on marketing has been. Tapping on the potential and opportunities mobile marketing can provide, having your business app placed into the hands of the customers can do wonders for your business- right from scanning a barcode to sending notifications about offers and discounts or tracking the statistics you need for business analysis, all this for free, if the customer chooses to keep your app on his device.

Despite all the advantages of having an app for your business, many small businesses have still not harnessed its true potential, and therefore, early entrants are sure to have a breakthrough their competitors do not yet have.


So, here are some reasons why you should prepare for the future and grow your business using a mobile app and grab a piece of the action while it’s still on:

Deliver Real Value to Customers

A mobile app provides you a much more effective medium to deliver value to your customers, so that they keep using your app. It lets you offer a personalized experience to customers, presenting to them what they really want to see and suggest deals and offers they would find more relevant. Many customers tend to give more credibility to a business that has a mobile app and it instils a general perception that a business is keen on providing value and customer satisfaction.

Location-based Marketing

Leveraging the benefits of Geo-marketing, a business can deliver the right services at the right place and time by providing a user experience tailored to suit the individual customer. A coffee shop owner can use his app to send enticing offers to someone who is around the vicinity, prompting him to try out the cafe.

Improved Relation with the Customers

Mobile apps can help you create a better brand awareness, as the customer always has your app in front of his eyes. Also, users tend to use apps more regularly than mobile websites; hence this frequent interaction leads to better trust and bonding with your brand. Being always in touch and communicating at the press of a button leads to better relationship with the customers.

Build Loyalty

Your mobile app logo on a customer’s phone serves as a constant source of advertisement. Users are very particular about the apps they download on their mobile phones, but if your app can really provide great value to them, they are sure to download and keep using it on a regular basis. This leads to long-term engagement and customer loyalty.

Boost Profits

A mobile app has more arsenals in its weaponry when it comes to finding powerful, creative ways to encourage more and more purchases, in an easy and exciting manner. A ‘buy’ button on your app can make it easy for the customer to make a purchase decision and carry out the transactions smoothly.

Push Notifications

Using a mobile app, a business can make sure their customers are reminded of the coolest offers and sales festivals using push notifications. This can also get an inactive user to take note of your business again and get back to using your app.

Cash in on the Addiction

It is an established fact that users spend most of their time using mobile apps rather than mobile websites that usually deliver a poor experience. Intuitively designed, creative apps are sure to grab the attention of your customers, making them get hooked to your app. User experience goes hand in hand with how customers perceive a brand in their minds.

Market More Directly

Mobile apps help you acquire crucial information about your customer profile and demographics. Marketing your products directly to a relevant customer segment and providing great info about your business is made easy using a mobile app. It lets you deliver news feeds, promotional offers and new features directly into the device in the hands of a customer.

While most of your competitors may still be wavering on whether to invest in a mobile app or not, this is your chance to capture the moment while you still have the first-mover advantage and take your business to the next level.

Another aspect to this is that investing in developing a mobile app may not be the right decision to make for every small, local business. In that case, using a third party app that caters to all the benefits mentioned above can be a good move to make. A business directory app like Pitnit can not only help you leverage the power of using a mobile app for your business, it can also help you carry out social media marketing and provide you the exposure you have always wanted for your business.


Do you think your business can benefit from using a mobile app? Share your thoughts using the comments section below.