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Go Cloud, Go Smart!!

Go Cloud, Go Smart!!

Thursday April 27, 2017,

3 min Read

Gone are the days when you had to worry about carrying a storage device. The new age of computing has dawned with the rise of cloud storage. It has generated mass approval and bears the promise of being an efficient alternative to hardware storage. It was ideated in the 1960s through the mind of Joseph Carl Licklider. The first cloud service to be launched was Personalink Services by At&T in 1994, over the years cloud storage alternative have been deployed as an efficient strategy by major organizations across the globe. The Indian business environment has greatly inclined itself with cloud computing and it is expected to grow exponentially over the years. According to Gartner, cloud computing expenditure will stand large as the highest consumed service in the ever growing IT sector of the Indian economy . It is almost imperative for every major and ambitious organization in this phase of industrialization to acclimatize itself with cloud computing methods as it provides efficiency as well as flexibility.


The Cloud Computing segment is valued at $5 billion in Indian markets, which is testament to the growing preference towards hardware-less storage solutions. Cloud computing offers great flexibility and is cost-effective as compared to hardware storage, also it is a great step towards digital India initiative as envisioned by the present govt. and is one of the pillars of a digital economy.


The Indian cloud market has seen major players come up and most notably NXTRADATA has seen great approval ratings from its consumers. Hailed as the fastest growing Data Center Managed Services Provider , NXTRDATA offers the highest quality Data Center Colocation, Managed Services and Cloud offerings in India. It is known to provide great quality coupled with great reliability and responsiveness towards the changing customer needs and preferences. It uses the best technology on offer to match the client’s requirements and security measures for their documents and its scalable solutions allows clients to scale capacity as per the demands. The various advantages clients can have on offer through NXTRA most notably are Pay-per-user model, Online provisioning , Scalable infrastructure , Expert care , Enterprise class reliability and Endpoint security to name a few. It is only a matter of time till we see cloud computing take over as the prime option for data storage, there’s no questioning the fact that cloud computing will grow leaps and bounds in the next 5 years or so and major business houses will shift towards cloud computing solution providers. NXTRA data enjoys a first mover advantage in this segment in the Indian markets with its partners and clienteles comprising of major players in the IT and Telecom organisations of the world, but most importantly, it is one of those customer-centric organisations which take quality of service very seriously and outperform competitors in every step of the way!!

The Way Forward

The present decade will see the use of cloud computing rise substantially and it is also seen as an opportunity for better jobs in the tech domain, which is quite re-assuring in this testing times. It will also lead to a lot of competitors in the market trying to gain maximum market share and that will also lead to greater quality of services from the providers. This are exciting times to be in and with companies like NXTRA, the future of cloud storage doesn’t seem to disappoint.